Designers says these 7 industrial small bathroom ideas exude "urban charm and sophistication"

Use these industrial small bathroom ideas for a rustic yet put-together finish

Industrial small bathroom ideas are so chic. Here are three of these - a bathroom with gray leafy wallpaper and a black sink, a bathroom with white exposed bricks and a white bath tub, and a black bathroom sink with a black mirror and silver wall sconces
(Image credit: Divine Savages / Roper Rhodes / Davey Lighting)

Bringing in industrial small bathroom ideas may be perfect for you if you love a relaxed vibe. Or, you might live in a building such as an NYC apartment where embracing the style makes serious sense.

Either way, we have asked interior designers how to bring this dramatic aesthetic into your small bathroom. Powerful patterns, exposed pipes, and bold lighting are some of their top tips.

If you're designing your space and seeking out small bathroom ideas which are unique and unusual, these seven expert tips might be just make industrial vibes your favorite new aesthetic.

Inviting industrial small bathroom ideas

These are all perfect for those who love dark small bathroom ideas and want to go for a modern look.

Our pros have recommended specific products to match their advice, which we have shopped.

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1. Pick industrial-style lighting

A bathroom with two silver wall sconces, a black rectangular mirror reflecting a wall with blinds, a white tiled splashback, and a black sink unit with silver faucets

(Image credit: Davey Lighting)

Small bathrooms can often struggle for light, which is why it’s a good idea to bring in industrial-style small bathroom lighting ideas.

“Look for exposed bulb pendants, cage lights, or vintage-inspired wall sconces,” suggests Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design. These fixtures not only provide functional lighting but also serve as eye-catching design features."

You can also pick ones that bring in chic industrial metallics, such as the Bezel Metal Flushmount from West Elm.

2. Bring in interest points

A bathroom with dark gray leafy wallpaper, a gold and marble wall sconce, a rectangular gold mirror, a black sink with a butterfly frame and brushed nickel faucets above the white sink

(Image credit: Divine Savages)

Make your industrial small bathroom truly shine by bringing in eye-catching features that capture the aesthetic beautifully.

“Small bathrooms may not have space for much architectural interest, so it is fun to create some with wallpaper, interesting finishes or patterns in tile, and cool hardware,” says Maren Baker, interior designer and founder of Maren Baker Design.

“You probably don't need much of any of those, and this is a great way to bring in lots of personality,” she adds.

We’re fans of contemporary tiles with natural finishes for industrial small bathrooms, such as the PowerSellerUSA Tiles from Walmart which have self-adhesive backing and are ultra-resistant.

3. Pick rustic materials

A bathroom with white exposed bricks, a copper cone light, a curved white bath tub, and a rectangular metal sheet

(Image credit: Roper Rhodes)

Celebrating your home’s all-important materials is all part of industrial design — so be sure to let them shine in your small bathroom.

“Exposed brick, concrete, and metal fixtures are prominent in these designs, creating a chic, urban vibe,” explains Ricky Allen, interior designer and director of Ever Wallpaper.

“You can also mix in salvaged materials like reclaimed wood and distressed metal to enhance the industrial vibe,” adds Nina.

If you’re a little nervous about having rough bricks in your bathroom, you could always go for peel-and-stick wallpaper with the pattern instead, such as the Williston Forge Joetta Roll from Wayfair which is self-adhesive.

4. Opt for a Crittal-style shower enclosure

A dark bathroom with black mosaic tiles, a glass shower wall with a brushed gold faucet on it, and a wall with white tiles and a black basin with a mirror with curved edges

(Image credit: Matki)

For a modern touch for your industrial small bathroom, Nina suggests considering a Crittall-style shower enclosure. 

Nina explains, “These steel-framed glass partitions lend an industrial-chic aesthetic to the bathroom while maintaining an open and airy feel. Crittall-style doors or partitions are ideal for small bathrooms as they allow light to flow freely.”

You can either have one custom-made for your space, or pick one pre-made, such as the VTI Shower Enclosure from Wayfair with easy clean glass and anti-skid texture.

5. Make the most of open storage

A dark gray bathroom wall with a gold metal shelf with a black soap dispenser and a black and white striped toothbrush pot, with the mirror reflecting a brick wall

(Image credit: Where Saints Go)

Maximize small bathroom storage and display space by choosing small bathroom storage with open shelving.

Nina says, “Install rustic wood or metal shelves to showcase towels, toiletries, and decorative items.”

She also suggests using metal racks to hold towels or to serve as towel bars (the Kingston Brass Towel Rack from Wayfair is corrosion-resistant and has bags of storage), adding a utilitarian aspect to the space.

6. Go for moody colors

A dark bathroom with dark brown stained wood paneling, a circular wall sconce, a gold mirror on the wall and a marble sink with a plant on it

(Image credit: Design Insider)

Moody colors are one of the hottest interior design trends for the year and they’re one of the best small bathroom paint colors, too.

“Small bathrooms can sometimes feel claustrophobic, but by embracing darker color palettes, you can actually make the space feel more cozy and intimate,” says Amanda Foster, interior designer and founder of Foster Decor Consulting.

She continues, “Rich, moody shades like deep charcoal, navy, or even black can make a small bathroom feel like a luxurious, spa-like retreat.”

Amanda also says not to be afraid to go all-in on the dark tones and to cover the walls, vanity, and even the ceiling for maximum impact. We think Farrow & Ball’s Black Blue would look stunning in an industrial small bathroom.

7. Keep your pipes exposed

A bathroom with a glass shower, a copper bath tub with a black window above it and a metal rack to the right of it, and a concrete sink with exposed pipes

(Image credit: The Albion Bath Co.)

This industrial small bathroom idea will not only save you a job but will complete the laid back look of your industrial small bathroom.

“Consider leaving pipes exposed under the sink to add authenticity and character to your bathroom design,” Nina suggests.

Just be sure to clean these regularly with the best cleaning supplies (the Lysol Cleaning Spray from Amazon has a fresh scent and is an Amazon best seller) so they sparkle and look part of the scene.

With these industrial small bathroom ideas, you can achieve a stylish and functional space that reflects your personal style. 

“Take advantage of the raw beauty of exposed materials, minimalist design, and creative details to create a captivating bathroom that exudes urban charm and sophistication,” Nina finishes by saying.

If you love this style and want to bring it into other areas of the home, industrial kitchen island ideas will also create a serious impact.

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