These 12 front yard privacy ideas will add stylish seclusion and serenity to your space

Design and landscaping pros spill on useful front yard privacy ideas

We love front yard privacy ideas. Here are three of these - a silver tiered statue with a cherub on top, a wisteria tree with purple flowers, and a rectangular vase of bright purple flowers with a hedge behind it
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You may want to find front yard privacy ideas if you want to make this space feel more secluded and stylish.

We have quizzed design and landscaping pros to find out their top ways to create spaces that look beautiful and feel relaxing. Tall shrubs, layered planting, and trellis panels are some of the top things they reach for when achieving this for their clients.

Even if you have backyard privacy ideas covered, finding specific tips for the entrance to your home will help you tailor this space in a way that's both pretty and practical.

Brilliant front yard privacy ideas

From ways to create privacy without blocking light to harnessing natural solutions, there are so many ways to keep the front of your home hidden.

Where our experts have suggested specific structures and plants, we have shopped these in case you want to follow their advice.

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1. Outdoor curtains

A dark brown wooden patio with brown floor pillows on it, a pergola with beige curtains, and green bushes with red and purple flowers on them

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Make your front yard a breezy and breathtaking place to relax by hanging up billowing curtains.

“Install outdoor curtains or drapes around your front porch or patio area to create an intimate and secluded space,” suggests Nina Lichtenstein, principal designer and founder of Nina’s Home Design.

“Choose weather-resistant fabrics and colors that complement your exterior decor,” she says.

I like the Bonzer Outdoor Curtains from Amazon, as they’re waterproof, windproof, and are made in an OEKO‑TEX factory which means they’re free of harmful chemicals.

2. Trellis with climbing vines

Hanging purple wisteria with green leaves around it in front of three white doors with glass panels

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Turn the front of your home into a Bridgerton design fantasy by adding gorgeous vines and flowers.

“Install trellises along your front yard boundaries and train climbing vines such as jasmine, wisteria, or clematis to grow along them,” suggests Nina.

“As these vines mature, they will create a lush, living wall that offers privacy while also adding fragrance and visual interest to your outdoor space,” she says.

For example, the Panacea Metal Climbing Trellis from Walmart comes with brackets for extra wall support and is made from steel with a powder-coated finish.

3. Layered planting

A collection of green and yellow and purple ornamental grasses with purple lavender flowers next to them and white flowers below them

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When gardening in your front yard, why go for one plant when you can go for a few?

“By combining plants of different heights, such as tall ornamental grasses, mid-height shrubs, and low-growing perennials, you can create a multi-level privacy screen in your front yard,” explains Steve Sylva, landscaping expert and founder of Steve’s Services.

He continues, “For instance, in a project in Reading, MA, we used tall Miscanthus grasses, followed by hydrangeas and lavender.”

By taking this approach, Steve was able to add serious depth to the landscape, while ensuring privacy from different vantage points.

4. Strategically placed trees

Two tall green cypress trees with a clear light blue sky above them

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This is a front yard privacy idea for those who own their home and know they’ll be in it for a while.

Steve explains, “Varieties like Leyland Cypress or Eastern Redcedar create year-round privacy. For example, we recently planted a series of Leyland Cypress around a client's property in Malden, MA.”

He adds, “These trees quickly established a dense, tall barrier that provided immediate privacy and a lush, green backdrop.”

Get started on this by growing your own tree at home. The Flowerland Leyland Cypress from Walmart is a fantastic option as it grows 3-5 feet per year and has feathery foliage.

5. Stone walls

A dark brown brick wall with green shrubbery hanging above it and bushes and colorful flowers below it

(Image credit: Getty Images / Sergio Amiti)

Add a touch of contemporary elegance by bringing in stone walls that will provide an architectural focal point.

“In one recent project, we built a low stone wall around the front yard and planted drought-resistant plants along its base,” explains Joe Gerrior, landscaping expert and owner of Gerrior Masonry & Landscape Construction Corp.

“This not only created a private and serene environment but also added a touch of elegance and durability,” he says.

Combining natural stone and greenery is also a stylish way to make sure your front yard privacy fits in seamlessly with the rest of your space.

6. Water features

A landscaped waterfall with light stones around it, two tiers of waterfall, a pool of water underneath, and green trees and grass behind it

(Image credit: Getty Images / TimAbramowitz)

Even houses on busy streets can be turned into a serene paradise with the help of peaceful water features, which will contribute to front yard privacy in more ways than one.

Nina says, “Integrate water features like fountains, ponds, or cascading waterfalls into your front yard design.”

“The soothing sound of running water not only adds tranquility but also helps mask street noise and create a private ambiance,” she adds.

Even if you’re looking for small backyard ideas, you can still bring these. I like the eye-catching Alpine Corporation Rock Waterfall from Amazon which has LED lights and is made from durable materials like resin and fiberglass. 

7. Stylish fencing

A white picket fence with a dark green bush of pink and white rose blossoms hanging above it

(Image credit: Getty Images / Catherine McQueen)

You might already have thought of this backyard privacy idea, but fencing ideas will come in useful if you have a home with surrounding neighbors.

“Consider installing a stylish privacy fence around the front yard. Make sure to go for materials like wood, vinyl, or metal that complement the architectural style of your home,” Nina says.

She also suggests adding lattice panels (the Gracie Oaks Nderim Lattice Panels from Wayfair comes fully assembled and has a three year warranty) or decorative elements to customize the look.

8. Living wall

A backyard with a metal living wall with light green leafy plants hanging from the slats and trees and plants above and below it

(Image credit: Getty Images / Timothy Roesdiah)

Go all-out with greenery by creating living screens that you can move around your yard easily depending on where you need privacy.

“Create movable or permanent living screens using tall grasses or flowering plants. Arrange these screens strategically to block views from certain angles while maintaining an open and airy feel in your front yard,” Nina says.

To get started with this idea, pick a screen with cut-outs you can fill and then weave plants through these. 

You could either DIY this with palettes or with a hard-wearing pre-made screen, such as the stunning Barrette Outdoor Living Store Sanibel Decorative Screen from Amazon made from scratch-resistant polypropylene.

9. Hedge walls

A green bush made from leyland cypress trees, with trees behind it and light brown spiked grass below it

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One classic and elegant way to create privacy in your front yard is by planting hedge walls. 

“Choose dense, tall plants like boxwood or arborvitae and line them along the perimeter of your yard,” Nina suggests.

She adds, “These green barriers will not only provide privacy but will enhance the natural beauty in your landscape.”

10. Movable planters

A dark gray planter with a large collection of bright purple flowes in it, with lime green hedges either side of it and a tall green tree behind it

(Image credit: Getty Images / Robin Gentry)

For those seeking out flexible and portable front yard privacy options, it’s worth considering large and lovely container planters. 

“Tall plants like Bamboo or large ornamental grasses can be grown in containers to create movable privacy screens,” explains Marco Picano, landscaping expert and co-owner of Picano Landscaping.

He says this method is particularly useful for creating temporary privacy during gatherings or events, as they can be quickly rearranged as needed.

I really love the look of the Outsunny Tall Outdoor Planters from Target, as they’re sleek, stackable, and self-draining. 

11. Tall shrubs

A brick house with a white extension with glass windows and a white balcony, with a border of green plants and pink flowers around it

(Image credit: Getty Images / Greg Pease)

Brighten up your front yard privacy ideas by bringing in sweet shrubs with plenty of texture and character.

“One of the most natural ways to achieve privacy in the front yard is by planting shrubs like American Holly, as these will create a dense visual barrier and provide year-round coverage,” says Marco.

For a layered look, he advises underplanting with medium-sized shrubs such as azaleas.

12. Creative sculptures

A silver tiered garden sculpture with a cherub figure on top, pink tall flowers in front of it, and a large lime green hedge behind it

(Image credit: Getty Images / pink_cotton_candy)

Try bringing a touch of sophistication with a gorgeous sculpture that can be artfully placed to add front yard privacy. 

“Incorporate artistic elements like sculptures to define spaces and create visual interest while maintaining a secluded space,” Nina explains.

I have my eye on the dazzling Alpine Corporation Peacock Statue from Walmart, which has an intricate design and ‘feathers’ that will block any gaps.

If you already have a sculpture you want to take center stage again, you might want to learn how to restore garden statues.

With these front yard privacy ideas, you can transform your outdoor space into a secluded sanctuary that reflects your style and enhances your home's curb appeal. 

“Whether you prefer lush greenery, architectural features, or decorative screens, there are so many ways to achieve privacy without compromising on beauty,” Nina finishes by saying.

Many of these are also budget backyard ideas, so you can create them without having to spend a lot of cash.

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