10 DIY garage storage ideas to get your space organized

Let these practical (and extremely satisfying) DIY garage storage ideas inspire you to start making the most of your space

DIY garage storage ideas
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On the hunt for some easy DIY garage storage ideas? Let's be honest, it's very easy to let your garage turn into a black hole where the Christmas decs sit out the year, and ski gear gathers dust. But that space is prime real estate for storage, so don't be letting it go to waste!

Get in there this weekend, blast some tunes and get the space organized. You don't need a big budget, because we have found plenty of DIY ways to create some storage in your garage – from creating a wall of handy shelving to effective ways to stash away smaller tools, let this gallery inspire you to start making the most of your garage space. 

1. Create a wall mounted storage system 

Labelled basement storage

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The best forms of garage storage are wall mounted. They make the most of unused space, they keep everything up off the ground and if you do it right, you can keep everything visible and accessible too. 

Bespoke storage systems can get expensive but you can actually create your own that suits your storage needs using a more affordable option. Check out the Ikea Boaxel system which you can buy in parts and then create a design that works in your space.

We'd say keep it simple. Shelving with clearly labeled boxes that you can pull out makes the most sense. And be sure to organize it so the stuff you reach for most is nearer the bottom to keep them easily accessible. 

2. DIY garage storage for tools

Etsy garage storage rack

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If you keep lots of tools in your garage it's important to store them safely – but you want them to be with easy access too and that's why this DIY is perfect. Everything is stored neatly on the wall and you can see your collection too.

To recreate this handy tool store, use two planks of wood of the same depth and saw in notches at an angle the same distance apart on each plank. Make sure the notches are big enough for the handles of your tools. Then wall mount the planks at an equal height and voila, a handy place to store your tool safely and effeciently.

3. Use storage jars to store smaller items

Storage jars used in a garage work space

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Reusing your old jars to store nails, bolts, screws, all the small objects that roll around in drawers is a great DIY garage storage hack. If you regularly use your garage to work on DIY projects having a setup like this with everything in a clear place and accessible makes sense. 

There are few ways you can store your jars – if you have a storage bench, having them on the walls above is a great idea so you can just grab what you need as you work. You can use thin shelving to recreate a similar effect to what you see here. Or if you would rather have them hidden away, pop your jars into drawers and label the lids so when you open the drawer you can clearly see where everything is. 

4. Mix open shelving with a clothes rail

Ikea garage storage

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If you store winter coats in your garage, rather than swishing them into a box that takes up loads of room, why not add a clothing rail instead? They make a great addition to a DIY storage system mixed with shelving and hooks and you can find options that are freestanding or wall mounted too. Ikea have some really affordable options.

Just be sure you make sure you store your clothes properly in watertight bags so they aren't damaged by any damp lurking around. 

5. Add a desk and storage to create a home office

Ikea garage storage idea

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How gorgeous is this home office set up in a garage? If you don't use your garage to keep a car, why not make into a whole extra room, that can not only be used for storage but for a home office too.

Wall mount shelves or picture ledges to keep stationary, add in a desk and trolleys are great too as you can move them around the space should you need too. Note how all this furniture is on wheels too – a good idea in case you do need to make room for a car in the evening but can use the space differently in the day.

6. DIY a French cleat wall

Be inspired by this amazing project from @grillinganddrilling and DIY a storage wall. Here this French cleat wall it's being used for tool storage but you could create a design to suit whatever you need to store. It works by creating a wall of beveled slats that you can hang tools, organize utensils and make holders to stash away smaller items. 

If you are a DIY novice, don't be put off if you think this project looks too complex for you. You could ask a carpenter to help you build the wall of slats and then you can easily build plywood holders and add hooks yourself. You can also find pre-made options on Etsy

7. Arrange storage bins so everything is accessible

If your garage shelving has become a bit of dumping ground of boxes you aren't even sure of the contents of, creating a new system of open bins and trugs is going to be far more efficient. 

Check out how @sanantonioneat has maximized the storage is this turned this shelving unit by stacking bins of different sizes and labeling them so everything has a clear spot. Super easy to DIY and really affordable too. Check out Amazon for similar bins. 

8. Make use of pegboards

Ikea garage organization

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We've sung the praises of pegboard many a time. They are practical, they look great and they can be used in any room, including a garage. Plus, you can customize them to suit your storage needs, adding containers, hooks, shelves and grouping boards together too if you want more room. 

You can DIY pegboard too, just with a drill and a piece of plywood. This is a good option if you want to create a larger pegboard wall that fits perfectly in your garage. 

9. DIY hanging bike storage

Ikea garage organization

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Bikes take up a lot of room and they stick out at awkward angles, and they always fall over, and the handles seem to constantly be stabbing you in the hip when you are trying to get in the car.  The answer is to get them up on the walls. And it's really easy – just wall mount a couple of strong hooks that can hold your bike and make sure they are at a height that you can safely bring your bike up and down from. 

10. Double storage by adding hooks under shelving

Shelf support with tool hooks

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If your garage is on the small side, or if you just have lots to store in there, doubling up on storage is a good idea. Something as simple as adding extra hooks underneath your shelving means you are saving on wall space and creating two different types of wall storage in one. Very nifty.

How do I organize my garage efficiently?

  1. Start by emptying your garage as best you can, it's not a fun job but it will allow you to see exactly what's in there and help you cut down on anything you don't use or would be better stored elsewhere.
  2. Once you have made your cull, organize everything left into categories – tools, winter gear, Christmas decorations, gardening equipment and start thinking about what, in your garage, you reach for most.
  3. As you put things back into their places, make sure everything you use most often is kept on show and accessible. Think about adding labels to any boxes or shelves too so you know what is where when you come to look for things.
  4. Have mini clear-outs and re-organize your space every season so you're always on top of what's in your garage and how it's stored. 

How can I organize my garage cheaply?

You can create a perfectly organized garage on a tight budget no problem. Start with a plan of what exactly are your garage storage needs, what types of storage are going to be essential in your space. You could go as far to draw up a floorplan of your garage and decide exactly what will work where before you spend any money.

Then invest in the big pieces. If you are buying shelving they are going to need to be sturdy as it's likely you'll be storing heavy items and boxes on them. Metal options are best as they will last longer than wood. Then you can get crafty and add in some DIY storage options that are bespoke to your storage needs. 

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