Bike storage ideas: 15 ways to store your beloved ride

Cyclists, be inspired to showcase your rides at home with these bike storage ideas

Bike storage ideas: wall mounted hooks
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After some bike storage ideas? Because as all you Lycra clad, Strava obsessed, keen cyclists will know, bike storage is an awkward business. You constantly find yourself tripping over pedals in the hallway, getting a spoke to the face when you open the cupboard under the stairs or a handlebar in the rib when you venture into the shed. Do you know what the solution is? Stop buying bikes.

Chill. We were joking. You just need some good bike storage ideas. So lucky for you, you have come to the right place, because here are a load of smart and stylish ways to store your bike while saving space in your flat or house – and don't worry most of them still keep your beloved bikes on show. 

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1. Indoor bike storage? Build bike storage into your desk

How's this for an inventive bike storage idea? Effectively killing two birds with one stone, this clever desk from Chol1 is designed to incorporate your bike, with slots that keep the tyres in place. The desk can accommodate three different wheel sizes. Made from pine, it comes in three finishes – white, natural and dark.

bike desk with drop leaf table

(Image credit: Chol1)

2. Get some wall mounted bike storage hooks for the hall

Because you know you don't want to ever hide those bikes away, wall mounted storage is probably your best bet. Plus, this kind of bike storage is great if you don't have a ton of space because the hook itself is pretty small and you'll be saving on floor space by hanging up your bike. 

wall mounted bike

(Image credit: Crowdyhouse)

3. Create a bike storage wall

Vertical bike storage is an even better solution for very small homes – or office spaces. This system is also ideal for flat-shares or family houses where three or four bikes need to be stored.

The Endo is a fairly straightforward wall-mounted storage system that can be folded flat when not in use. Available in fun, bright colours (yellow, green, pink, blue, red – as well as black and white) plus it's an affordable option too, at £39.95.

Endo vertical bike storage from Cycloc

(Image credit: Cycloc)

4. Use your bike storage as a room divider 

A room divider and bike storage in one? Unusual, yes, but that’s exactly what this curious unit is. Post Fossil’s Swiss-made ‘Shoes Books and a Bike’ provides a platform on which to display a cyclist’s most treasured of items. It allows further shelves for helmet or shoe storage.

Bike storage shelf in a flat

(Image credit: Post Fossil)

5. Store your bikes on the ceiling 

If your home features particularly high ceilings, use that extra bit of wall space to store your bike. If you can bring yourself to do it, you could also store your bikes on the ceiling of your garage or shed. A simple wall bracket that bolts to the wall will do the trick. 

Three bikes mounted high on a wall using bike brackets

(Image credit: OLIVEROSshelves)

6. Space outside? Buy a secure metal bike shed

Yep, we are going there. If storing your bike inside the house just simply isn't an option then you are going to need a super-secure outdoor set up. Protect a Cycle offers this. Bolted down onto concrete, this galvanised metal bike storage shed will house up to three adult bikes. Not only that, but padlocks, ground anchor and security chain all come included.

metal bike storage shed

(Image credit: Protect a Cycle)

7. Get bike rack with some extra storage

For those who count both cycling and skateboarding (or, indeed, surfing) as hobbies, the Brooklyn Bike and Board Rack should tick all the boxes. Two surfaces are provided on which to store books, helmets or ornaments. Made from solid ash wood, this cute shelf is perfect for narrow hallways.

bike and bike accessory shelf

(Image credit: Twonee)

8. Renter? Get some leaning bike storage

Yes, apparently that's a thing. For renters, bike storage that doesn’t involve drilling into your walls is obviously going to be preferable.

The wall-leaning Michelangelo Two Bike Gravity Storage Rack uses (as the name implies) gravity to provide sufficient support. Rubber bumpers protect walls and floors – and with a silver-coated finish, it’s easy on the eye too.

bike storage shelf

(Image credit: Delta Cycle)

9. Make your bike storage a feature in your bedroom

Displaying your bike above the bed certainly makes a statement. But the Hero system has a knack for turning regular old bikes into installation art. With this simple but smart wall fixture you can store your bike horizontally in left or right orientations. Like the the Endo, it’s available in a range of bright colours.

bike stored over a bed on hooks

(Image credit: Cycloc)

10. Hang your bike from wall pegs

Opt for non-bike-specific storage ideas, like simple pegs. Bike aside, you can sling your bag, jacket or scarf over these handmade wooden hangers. And, they come in a tempting 19 different colourways.

bike pegs on a wall

(Image credit: Etsy)

11. Get a sofa that fits your bike 

You could just sandwich your bike between your sofa and the wall. But then again, you could invest in a sofa that actually stores your bike.

The S1LLÓN features a sort of bench at the back with grooves for your bike to sit in. This is a nice option for those who don’t want to store their bike in the hall or on the wall.

bike sofa storage solution

(Image credit: Chol1)

12. Find a bike shelter on the balcony

If you live in a flat but have a balcony, you’re onto a winning storage space for your bike. Under shelter (but out of your living room) your bike will be dry, safe and secure. Fix a couple of hooks to the wall so that you can keep it off the ground, while reserving space for that BBQ. Ikea sell suitable hooks, for indoor or outdoor use (£1.75).

Ikea bike hooks and shelving storage

(Image credit: Ikea)

13. Hoist you bike onto the ceiling 

Useful not only for bikes but also for ladders, kayaks – anything that takes up too much floor space – consider a ceiling hoist for your storage needs.

This contraption by Delta uses a pulley system to efficiently lift and lower items, perfect for garage storage

bike hoist in a garage

(Image credit: Delta)

14. Protect your bike (and yourself) with a cover

If you have space for your bike inside, but want to avoid leaving dirty tyre tracks on your floors, try a cover-up tactic.

The Velosock cover is as simple as it sounds – a one-size-fits-all washable sock for your bike. If you’re prone to weekend biking trips, this will keep your car boot clean, too.

bike wheel cover for bike in hallway

(Image credit: Velosock)

15. Or just go for a simple stand

Sometimes simple is best, and a bike stand is about as straightforward as it gets. The Hobo is both a display and a workstand for cleaning, servicing or just plain storing your bike. Available in red, green, white or black, it can be used indoors or out.

Outdoor bike stand by Cycloc

(Image credit: Cycloc)

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