At home with... Nadiya Hussain

Great British Bake Off winner and TV presenter Nadiya answers our questions...

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Are you part of our growing #sorealhomes Instagram community (if not, check it out, it's pretty awesome)? Ever wondered where your favourite Instagrammers pick up their amazing homeware? Or what their best dinner party recipe is? Or even just what their most used colour is? 

Well, we are nosey like that too, so in this new monthly series, we ask quick fire questions to some of our favourite authors, chefs, bloggers and stylists to get the inside scoop on their home life. 

This month it's Bake Off winner and TV presenter Nadiya Hussain...

What's your go to dinner party recipe?

My half-a-pear crumble.

What's your New Year's resolution?

To learn to play the piano. I have had the same resolution for three years, so I'm not doing that well. 

What's your guilty pleasure?

Marmite crisps.

What does home mean to you?

Family, warmth and dinner.

Messy kitchen or everything in its place?

Bit of both, messy first, clear up after! So we can have both.

What's on the cards for 2019?

More TV, more books and lots of fun and laughter in between! And cake!

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