5 outdated bedroom trends design experts say are snooze-worthy in 2024 and what to try instead

Our interiors pros have dreamy solutions for outdated bedroom trends

Outdated bedroom trends are so not it. Here is a white bedroom with a wooden bed, beige bedding, and a side table with flowers and books on top of it
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If you sleep on these outdated bedroom trends, you may end up feeling tired of your dated decor. These rooms are the epicentre of rest, so it's important they're fit for catching Zs, whilst also bringing you joy every time you walk into them.

To save you from sleepless nights over outdated bedroom trends, our experts reveal exactly what they're avoiding in 2024, and the dreamy, in vogue solutions they've scoped out.

When looking for bedroom ideas, keeping an eye on what isn't working anymore will definitely work in your decorating favor, starting with the top five outdated bedroom trends.

These outdated home decor trends for the bedroom are all easy to swerve. As well as finding out what they are, we've also found matching buys — sweet dreams are made of these, people.

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1. Ditch minimalism, add handpicked items

A bedroom with a headboard filled with posters, and a white bed with orange and blue decor

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While keeping decor at a minimum can make a small space appear bigger, making your bedroom look too bare can make it look less five-star, and more one-star.

“Extensive minimalism is fading as people seek warmth and storytelling in their spaces,” says Guillaume Drew, interior designer and founder of Or & Zon

Guillaume Drew in a black jumper with a black and white filter
Guillaume Drew

Guillaume Drew is the founder of Or & Zon, a home decor store blending sustainable luxury with global artisanal treasures to enhance everyday living.

He continues, “This is being replaced by curated eclecticism — a blend of handpicked pieces from across the globe, reflecting a fusion of cultures and aesthetics.”

Bring more personality into your bedroom without compromising on style by adding photos and posters, vibrant indoor plants, and bright rugs as cozy as they are chic.

2. Ditch harsh lighting, try lighting for mood

A white and gray bed decorated with gray pillows, with wooden shelves, fairy lights, and star lights above it

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Bedrooms work best when they’re full of cozy features — and this now includes the lighting, too.

Guillaume explains, “Overly harsh lighting such as neon lights are losing favor.” Our small bedroom lighting ideas will help you strike these outdated bedroom trends off your list.

Instead, Guillaume says multifaceted lighting — the strategic use of various light sources to create mood — is gaining popularity. 

Try draping string lights along your headboard, adding a nightlight to your nightstand, and even swapping your bulbs for dimmable ones for easy ways to flip the switch on this trend.

3. Ditch monotonous colors, try vibrant styles

A bedroom with a turquoise bed, a shelf with a plant, and colorful peel and stick wallpaper

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Matching the same colors and styles can create a harmonious look in your bedroom, which may be soothing in some respects — but it doesn't do much to showcase your individuality.

“People are now exploring the vibrant spectrum of colors to infuse energy and personality into their bedrooms,” says Bella Zinti, home design expert and founder of The Homey Space

A picture of Bella Zinti, a woman with brown hair wearing a white shirt
Bella Zinti

Bella Zinti is a home design expert, interior design graduate, and master gardener with extensive experience building and designing homes from scratch.

She says whether through choosing a bold accent wall with peel-and-stick wallpaper, or decorating with colorful accessories, 2024 is all about embracing a diverse palette when choosing small space color combinations.

4. Ditch heavy drapes, try sheer curtains

A white bedroom with a wooden bed, beige bedding, and a side table with flowers and books on it

(Image credit: @sundayharris)

Is there anything more satisfying than shutting the curtains at the end of a long day and closing out the world for a solid night of rest? We think not.

Last year, thicker, ornate curtains were all the rage. But not anymore. “Bedrooms are now shifting towards light, airy, and bright spaces,” says Seymen Usta, interior design specialist and founder of Seus Lighting

Seymen explains bulky curtains can also make a room look dated and cluttered. Instead, he suggests opting for sheer curtains, as these still provide privacy while making a small room appear bigger. Waking up to natural light also feels much nicer than using an alarm clock, so this trend is an all-round winner in our book. 

A picture of Seymen Usta, wearing a black t-shirt against a white background
Seymen Usta

Seymen Usta is an interior design specialist and the founder of Seus Lighting — one of the largest home decor lighting retailers in Northern America.

5. Avoid fast furniture, try upcycling

A white wooden ornate side table on its side on a blue mat with paint brushes and paint next to it

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On social media, we’ve seen a major uptick in DIY videos, with more people (including the team here on Real Homes TikTok) showcasing how to upcycle furniture and turn trash into treasure.

Guillaume says, “Fast furniture is experiencing a downfall as more consumers embrace sustainable and ethical choices, focusing on handmade, durable pieces with timeless appeal.”

If you have any furniture in your bedroom you’re thinking of removing, consider if an upcycled gem would change your mind. You could paint a set of drawers and add new handles to completely change it up.

Or, if you’re in the market for a ‘new’ dressing table or nightstand, try shopping at secondhand furniture stores such as Goodwill to find a preloved one. Good for your wallet, and the environment.

Essentially, it's time to bid farewell to boring colors and minimalist styles. “It's time to transform your bedroom into a space truly reflective of the essence of who you are,” Bella wraps up.

If you want to carry on removing drab design from your home, outdated living room trends are worth knowing, especially since your guests spend the most time in this room.

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