TikTok made me buy it: All you need for creating that stylish purse wall

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Wall hooks and purse organizers from Walmart side by side
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Regardless of whether your purse collection houses a one-of-a-kind vintage rarity or thrift store finds that barely cost you a thing, keeping your handbags clean, in good condition, and organized is low-key crucial. 

Just when you thought that there was nothing new that could be added to your TikTok FYP, enter: purse organizer recommendations. Aka, the easy-to-mimic trend that tidies up your purse collection — however big or small. For far too long, my handbags have lived hooked over the edge of my closet doors. Sigh

While you could buy one of those hanging closet organizers or hide your collection away on a shelf, TikTok’s alternatives are far cuter. Instead of shoving them in a corner, it involves displaying them like your home is a seriously chic boutique. 

Want to test out the trend yourself? I’ve rounded up three easy-to-use storage solutions that will help you to take back control of the purse chaos and get things a little more organized.

TikTok purse wall hack


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Other purse organizer ideas

If you're not interested in hanging handbags from your wall, these door and closet purse organizers will make storage just as stylish as the first hack.

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