Out of 70+ options, these Urban Outfitters duvet covers are the best for comfort and style

Our Urban Outfitters duvet covers edit will have you bailing on your weekend plans

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Urban Outfitters duvet covers: Quick menu

You probably don’t need me to tell you that Urban Outfitters' duvet covers are elite. I think it's one of the best places to shop for bed linen. And how do I know that, I hear you ask? Well, you’re reading the words of a self-proclaimed sleep connoisseur.

As someone who currently lives in a *very* small apartment and once lived in a dorm room, I’m used to making my bed the center of my universe. I use my bed as my sleep station, my Netflix streaming location, and even my dining room table (don’t judge; I bet you’ve all done it).

Owning an article from one of the best bedding brands is so important, I’ve spent way more than I’d like to admit on duvet covers. And throughout the course of my duvet-shopping adventures, I’ve returned time and time again to Urban Outfitters'. Not only are the duvet covers super cute and on-trend, but they’re also incredibly affordable. 

12 of the best Urban Outfitters duvet covers

UO is full of amazing duvet covers, which is why I decided that I couldn’t hog all of the snuggly goodness for myself. These are (IMO) the best duvet covers on the website right now (and sometimes on promotion in the Urban Outfitters bedding sale). But just remember to grab one of the best bed sheets for the full experience while you’re at it. Six of our selections are under $100, because stylish bed buys should be accessible to all.

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How we chose these Urban Outfitters duvet covers

Logistically, it wasn't possible to call in all of the Urban Outfitters duvet covers, so instead we filtered our search results to include top-rated picks with the best star ratings. As well as this, we read through reviews at the bottom of the respective product pages.

In some cases, the products are very new, so haven't been rated. Here we use our knowledge of industry trends to predict what will be popular.

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