I just know 2023 is going to be all about black bedding sets

Forget fresh white sheets

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The most popular color of bed sheets is white, no surprise. Bright, clean, and fresh, it's a fave among Scandi fans and minimalists alike. But, what if I told you there's been a new breakthrough in the bedding game? Forget stressing about staining your sheets with fake tan or spilling coffee in bed, because black bedding sets are effortlessly bougie, bb. 

"Not only is it a sophisticated, gender-neutral option, but it is also much lower maintenance than more traditional white bed linens," says Hannah Samlin, senior buyer of home textiles at Quince. And I couldn't agree more. I'm a black bedding convert with a full-fitted sheet, duvet cover, and silk pillowcase set. Not only can bedding in this color help a cold sleeper (me) stay cozy all night, but it looks seriously sexy. Give me one reason why I should go back.

If you're up for ditching your not-so-fresh white sheets for something a little more sophisticated too, go black. I've listed a few of my fave bedding brands below, to get you started.

Black bedding sets to shop 

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Is black good for the bedroom?

Black bedrooms are certainly having a moment. But if you're a little hesitant about whether this trend may make your room look dark and moody, don't be! There are easy ways to incorporate the color without the risk of your room replicating Wednesday Addams' gothic edit or giving total bachelor pad energy.

You can pair this staple neutral with pretty much anything when it comes to clothing, and the same can be said in the bedroom. Black can be used to create a classic yet sophisticated scheme. "Charcoal especially is a grounding color that can be easily mixed with all patterns," confirms Samlin. Great for small bedrooms too, black is actually known for its space-enhancing qualities. 

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