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When it comes to getting my rental for fall, the first room I always change is the bedroom. It’s the coziest room in the whole place, so obvi it has priority. When the sun stops shining in the summer, I immediately start planning what fall bedroom decor and bedding I’m going to go for this year.

I always change up my sheets when a new season arrives. It just makes the whole room feel so much fresher, and it changes up how I feel going into a room too. I also switch up the candles and air fresheners too, for a full vibe change.

If you like the idea of doing this, or just want to look through some beautiful seasonal bedding, you’re in the right place. I’ve looked through a range of different sites to find fall bedding sets that are both stylish and highly-rated by shoppers.

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Fall bedding sets that shoppers love

From orange beauties to patterned pretties, these fall bedding sets are perfect for bringing fall into your room.

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Things to consider when choosing fall bedding

There are plenty of fall-themed bedding options out here, from leaf prints to bright orange hues and even some pumpkin patterns that work well for Halloween. To push your way through the masses of this popular bedding aesthetic, I suggest thinking about what your personal style is, and how you can put an autumnal spin on it. Do you prefer plain color? Do you have a passion for patterns? Or would you rather have an autumn layer you can add to your existing bed set?

But it's not all about looks. Fall is a transitional season, so the type of bedding you choose should also work well with the weather. Consider the fabric of your bedding set or duvet cover to ensure you get your best sleep ever. Brushed cotton and thicker materials take over light breezy linens.


What is the best bedding for cold weather?

As the nights get colder it's a great idea to switch your sheets to more winter appropriate materials. Cotton covers are breathable, yet still warm to keep you at the right temperature, with brushed cotton offering a soft-to-the-touch finish. Velvet, corduroy or teddy-cotton fabrics are becoming more popular for their cozy qualities. Though if you're a hot sleeper, we'd recommend adding a quilt, bedspread or one of the best weighted blankets to your bed for an extra layer you can add or take off as you need. 

How we chose these fall bedding sets

Aside from being totally pretty and appealing to the eye, these fall bedding pieces have great reviews and ratings. I have compared them for material, size, quality and ease of care. They're at great price points, with some more budget-friendly and other investment buys.

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