These are our favorite round rugs to complement your space and add luxury to your floors

To misquote RiRi, round and around and around and around the rugs go

Two round rugs, one in pink pattern on wooden floor with chair and side table sitting on top, the other a white fluffy round rug with a stack of books on top and beside sitting on grey wooden floor
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Circles have always been elite. And if you don’t believe me, how do you explain donuts? And pizza? And the Starbucks logo?! Yep, I’m making it known that circles are in and rectangles are out ⁠— which means it might be time to rethink the parallelograms that are currently on the floors in your home. (Well, at least I learned something in math class.)

I’m so down for this new rug trend. But I get that buying a circular rug over a rectangular or square one may seem like unfamiliar territory. After all, rooms and furniture normally focus on right angles and round rugs have none. So, how do you style a round rug, and how do you choose the right one for you? 

Perhaps you're planning on using your new buy as a dining room rug to sit underneath your table? These two things go together like PB&J, but there’s even more space in this sandwich for delicious combinations. That’s because round tables can also create distinct zones in a rectangular room ⁠— and I am OBSESSED with the idea of creating a little reading nook in my living room with one of these amazing round rugs I’ve found. 

9 of the best round rugs to complement your floors

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What does a round rug do to a room?

Round rugs can instantly soften a room, as this fluid shape creates a contrast to the angular shapes of couches, closets, tables, and chairs. This can create warmth in an otherwise cold space, and allow you the chance to add a pop of color or pattern without adding another square or rectangle into the mix. In fact, those who follow the art of feng shui believe that a round rug is a perfect way to mellow out angles and corners! But that’s not all.

A round rug can also accentuate any circular architectural details you may already have in your home, whether that be a bay window or even a spiral staircase. This will ultimately pull the whole room together, and give these architectural details the chance to shine even brighter. 

The benefits of a round rug don’t end there, though! A round rug can also make a room look much larger, which is perfect for those who live in small apartments or studios. Without any corners, a round rug tricks the eye into scanning the room in an arc shape, which makes the furniture and the walls seem as though they are much further away than they are.

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