Where to buy cheap home decor? Here are some of our favorite budget homeware shops – and what to buy

These cheap home decor spots make it easy to refresh and redesign on a budget

cheap home decor
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We’re always on the lookout for a good home decor deal—but some places make it easier to shop on a budget than others. Whether you want to add a couple of cute new pieces to your space, you’re hoping to redesign an entire room, or you’re simply browsing for inspiration, we’ve hand-picked some of the top places in the US to buy cheap home decor.

If you’re in search of cute and cheap items for your space, read on. The following e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores will make decorating your space easy and affordable. You can thank us later.

1. H&M Home

We love heading to H&M Home for affordably priced—yet stylish and on-trend—home items. Here you’ll find everything from eco-friendly basics to statement decor pieces.


Small Stoneware Vase | $17.99 at H&M Home

This trendy stoneware vase was made for Instagram—but it’s subtle enough to stay relevant beyond the trends. The off-white vessel looks great on its own but can also make a happy home for fresh flowers.


Washed Cotton Duvet Cover | $69.99 at H&M Home

Washed cotton has become super popular lately—and for good reason. The no-fuss fabric repels pet fur and also looks great when slightly wrinkly. It’ll become your fast pass to great bedding.


Jute Placement | $14.99 at H&M Home

This is probably made with little ones in mind --but we love it for a playful table scape. The jute placement is going to last forever (even if it gets spilled on) and the subtle rainbow is both cute and easy to pair with plates and cutlery.

2. Zara Home

Zara Home is another great option if you’re looking for sophisticated and stylish home decor items at a fair price. We love it for statement decor pieces and bathroom essentials.


Double Black Resin Dispenser | $29.90 at Zara Home

Who said your soap dispenser has to be boring? This sophisticated soap dispenser is completely monochromatic and promises to make your bathroom sink look just like a trendy boutique hotel.


Candlestick with Marble Base | $59.90 at Zara Home

This elegant candlestick with a marble base offers the same level of practicality as a basic set of candle holders—but the marble base offers better structure and much more visual interest, too.

3. Target

We love Target for cheap and trendy home decor items. Between the regular high profile collaborations (hello, Threshold x Studio McGee!), colorful basics, and super affordable price point, it’s hard to step into a Target without leaving with something new.


Hilton Carter for Target Gold Terrarium | $30 at Target

Plant enthusiast and interior stylist Hilton Carter is the most recent expert to collaborate with Target—and the gold terrarium is an excellent pick from the co-curated collection. It’s both elegant and practical thanks to the large opening that allows you to curate your own terrarium garden. Check out more on the Hilton Carter for Target collaboration. 


Opalhouse Decorative Leopard Bookend Set | $25 at Target

The Opalhouse Decorative Leopard Bookend Set is both kitschy and chic, making it a cute option for anyone who prefers a little bit of whimsy to an otherwise serious space. 

4. Walmart

Walmart might seem like the obvious choice—but it’s popular for a reason! The department store and its e-commerce platform is absolutely bursting with budget-friendly basics and trendy decor pieces that look way more expensive than they are.


Kate and Laurel Caskill Decorative Mirror | $99.99 at Walmart

Shopping for a budget-friendly mirror can be tough—but Walmart typically has a whole myriad of options for under $100. We’re particularly fond of this one by Kate and Laurel for its organic shape and brass colorway.


Home Details Octangular Chrome Vanity Mirror Tray | $25.85 at Walmart

A pretty little tray will look great in your bathroom, on your coffee table, and even on your nightstand. Fill it up with your day-to-day essentials or curate it with little keepsakes and decor items—like crystals or candles.

5. World Market

Looking for unique items to add some interest to your home? You’ll want to head to World Market. The multicultural home decor website is packed with items that will inspire a sophisticated sense of wanderlust—for totally fair prices.


All Across Africa Gold Natural Fiber Coasters 4 Pack | Was $19.99, now $13.99

Handcrafted in Uganda using raffia and banana leaf, this coaster set is sure to make a statement on your coffee table or bar cart. Due to handcrafting and natural materials, every coaster is unique—which adds to the charm of the piece.


Zydeco By Synthia SAINT JAMES Canvas Wall Art | $59.99 at World Market

Inspired by the “rhythmic, distinctive local music of Louisiana,” this bold canvas wall art by Synthia Saint James will add a gorgeous pop of color to any space in the house.

6. Shein

You’ve probably heard of Shein for its notoriously good deals on clothes—but they also sell a ton of homeware and decor for very cheap (we’re talking under ten dollars for most items). The only downfall is that shipping can be slow, but if you’re not in a hurry...


10-Piece Frame Set | $2.00 at Shein

A gallery wall is a great way to add some visual interest to a blank space in your home—and it gives the opportunity to put up your favorite memories where you’ll see them everyday. Gathering enough frames can get expensive—but this 10-piece set is a steal.


Leaf Print Cushion Cover | $3.00 at Shein

An on-trend printed cushion for under $5? We know—it’s hard to believe. This leaf print cushion is super affordable but it’s also surprisingly high quality. Get ready for all the Beverly Hills Hotel vibes!

7. Amazon

Yes, really! Amazon is a surprisingly great place to find cheap home decor—with overnight shipping on top of it. This’ll be your best bet for a speedy refresh or redesign.


Female Form Body Vase | $13.99 at Amazon

You’ve probably seen some rendition of this female form body vase on Instagram already—it’s having a serious moment. The sophisticated piece might be trendy, but it’s just basic enough to outlast the social media trend.


Afuly Gold Wall Shelf Metal Heart Floating Shelves | $16.99 at Amazon

Looking for a whimsical piece to add some interest to your bedroom? This golden heart-shaped wall shelf will be the perfect spot to showcase your jewelry, books, collectables, or anything else you want to have easy access to.

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