Marble coffee tables

Browse these marble coffee tables to add grandeur and luxe to your living room

Interested in buying a marble coffee table? An easy (read: surprisingly affordable) way to bring a slice of elegance to your living room, it comes as no shock to us that this type of coffee table is so popular. With rounded, square or even hexagonal options out there, marble is a material that screams luxury. If you've forever been searching for something within your budget that's the right colour, the ideal shape and suitable size, then we can help. Below, you can filter almost all of the marble coffee tables (and some impressive marble-look ones) on the web to find the perfect option for your needs. 

Do marble coffee tables stain?

Real marble is softer and more delicate and porous than many other stones, so this means it is prone to staining and etching. If you spill a drop of red wine onto your marble surface, this will soak into the stone like a sponge and could become quite difficult to remove. If this does happen, you need to act quickly before the wine embeds itself further into the material. 

You should also be wary of acids, such as lemons. If you spill lemon juice onto real marble, it will etch and stain the surface, creating a bumpy texture and leaving white spots. If you're prone to spillages, faux marble may be the best way to go, and it's often considerably cheaper too. 

Does marble scratch easily?

As marble is a stone that is naturally more fragile than the likes of limestone or granite it's even more prone to scratches. If you look after your marble coffee table with care, and use the appropriate soft cloth to clean it, then chances are, your table will be just fine. While deep scratches will require professional help for fixing, smaller scratches can be easily fixed yourself at home. 

Simply rub the area with a damp, soapy cloth, rinse, and buff the surface with a dry cloth. This should hopefully remove your scratch so you can get on with enjoying your luminous marble. 

How do you clean a marble coffee table?

As with any new piece of furniture, before cleaning with your usual go-to cleaning products, you'll want to test it on an inconspicuous area first. Your best bet for a marble coffee table is to use a damp cloth to wipe it whenever necessary, but for times when you want to polish it or remove a stain from it, then use Method's Granite & Marble Surface Cleaner (opens in new tab) from Amazon. This non-toxic plant-based spray cleaner is cruelty-free and it even comes in a bottle made from recycled plastics.

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