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Whenever I'm about to clean one of the rooms in my apartment, I tend to arm myself with just a cloth and the right cleaning supplies. I mean, what else do I really need to get the job done? I'm going to be annoying and go ahead and answer my own question because I recently learned that while cloths are okay as a universal cleaner, they aren’t ideal for getting rid of dirt quickly and for getting in those itty bitty crevices. For the most part ⁠— and depending on what you're cleaning ⁠— cloths will just move dust and dirt around your surfaces.

So, this revelation caused me to do a deep dive into the world of cleaning tools, and let me tell you: I am completely amazed at just how many different ones there are. There’s a tool for literally everything. Whether you're struggling to clean your blinds or your bathtub is looking a little grimy, those tricky jobs that a cloth or sponge alone just can’t handle will now be so much easier to tackle. Especially if you are planning on spring cleaning soon.

I've listed nine cleaning tools just below that shoppers are obsessed with ⁠— I mean, it's not hard to see why. They'll help you cut the time you spend cleaning down by half, plus, they won’t take up loads of room in your home, because I know how precious storage space can be for anyone with a tiny home.

These 9 cleaning tools are total game changers

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How we chose these cleaning tools

These cleaning tools were handpicked by a member of the Real Homes team. We've made sure that all of the cleaning tools we featured in this guide have great reviews from shoppers, and that people say they actually work. Better than that, we've even had hands-on testing with some of them, including the innovative blind cleaner. Also, when making our choices we made sure to include a range of products, from cleaning tools that are versatile to ones that are electric and also handheld tools that are specifically for one job (cute cutlery cleaner, we're talking about you!).

Rest assured our experts sifted through the good and the bad and these cleaning tools came out on top.

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