6 satisfying spice racks to organize your pantry to perfection

Organization ASMR incoming

Best spice racks cut out over cooker with jars on
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Phone at the ready? It's time to make one of those restock, refill, and "organize my pantry drawer with me" ASMR TikTok videos you can't stop watching. With the right organization buys, you can hop on this trend too. The first place to start is your kitchen with a game-changing spice rack that'll clean up your stockpile of seasonings.

Not only are they satisfying to look at, but they're also super eco-friendly. Taking your spice jars to a local refill center or investing in bulk bags of your most-used seasonings quickly cuts down on plastic packaging. Rather than rustling around for the paprika, spice racks will make mealtime a little bit more exciting (and better organized).

Whether you have a goal to whip up more home-cooked meals or you've moved out and have your own kitchen (finally!), now's the time to organize your pantry to perfection. And for the full aesthetic "it girl" apartment, there are plenty of kitchen storage ideas to copy, too. 

The spice racks worth getting excited about 

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How we picked these spice racks 

We have similar spice racks in our own homes and we're obsessed with scrolling through organization TikTok, learning about users' favorite racks and watching them restock their own. After doing plenty of research and reading reviews online, we've selected only the best designs that are worth spending your money on. 

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Is it better to store spices in glass or metal?

Just like glass meal prep containers are becoming a total trend, storing your spices in glass has benefits that go beyond how aesthetic it looks. Thanks to the nature of the material, glass creates a better seal, locking in all those fantastic flavors so they last much longer. That's not to say metal containers like stainless steel are bad for spices, but you will need to keep them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. 

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