Hey ghoulish girlies: I think you need an aesthetic Halloween bedroom

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Snuggling under fuzzy blankets, hanging up fairy lights, and drinking warm mugs of cocoa… Yep, chilling in your room during fall is a vibe. Ya know what can make it even more magical? Halloween decorations. I’m not kidding — pumpkins and ghosties are perfect for turning your room into a wonderful witchcore cave.

When it comes to getting the Halloween look, I’m your girl. We’d always decorate for Halloween when I was younger, and even today I still make my place look spooky for the season.

One of my fave rooms to wave my wand and transform is the bedroom. I’m talking about getting the whole place looking Halloweeney AF (but not scary, as we’ve gotta sleep!) and putting on a few movies (again not too scary, as again, we’ve gotta sleep!).

If you’re wondering how to get the Halloween aesthetic in your bedroom, I’ve totally got you. I’ve explained everything you need to know down below. Oh, and I’ve also picked out some buys, in case you get inspired and want to get decorating.

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Your Halloween bedroom aesthetic questions, answered

Every year I see Halloween bedrooms come up on my Pinterest, Insta, and TikTok feeds, and every year I immediately head to my room to recreate them. I know might seem a little confusing — like how does Halloween bedroom differ from decorating other rooms? Well, spoiler alert: It is slightly different, but you’re gonna love it.

What is the Halloween bedroom aesthetic?

In short, the Halloween bedroom aesthetic means decorating your room with Halloween items, but with a cozy touch. This is less garish and scary than traditional Halloween decorating, as bedrooms are for relaxing in. Think less IT, and more The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Where did the Halloween bedroom aesthetic come from? 

The tradition of Halloween decorating started in the United States around the ‘20s and ‘30s. However, decorating for Halloween in the bedroom specifically has become especially popular since the 2010s, with Pinterest and Tumblr at first being the go-to apps for visual inspiration and sharing ideas. Nowadays, Insta and TikTok are also both great places to look.


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What is Halloween bedroom design? 

Decor wise, it’s quirky themed pillows, pumpkin pieces, and plenty of soft patterned throws. Lighting wise, go for lots of spooky candles and fun fairy lights. It’s all about creating a warm atmosphere with a Halloween touch.

Get the Halloween aesthetic in your bedroom with these decor buys

Want to turn your bedroom into a Halloween dream? I don’t blame you — in fact, I’m totally feeling the same way. Here are six buys that I’m adding to my cart RN…

The prices below were correct at the time of publishing this article.

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