What to know before having a Green Deal assessment

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Recently at Prime Minister’s Question Time, David Cameron was challenged on the uptake of the Government’s flagship energy efficiency policy, the Green Deal. Mr Cameron answered a little too positively that ‘over 5000 households had taken up the Green Deal for having a new boiler installed.’ At best, the Prime Minister’s stats were muddled. Why? Recent figures show that 44,479 Green Deal Assessments were lodged, however only 306 Green Deal Plans (i.e. those who followed on to take up the loan) actually happened after the Green Deal assessment.

So what’s the problem? The Green Deal in theory is a must-know, offering householders a non-credit-check cheap loan to hopefully cut energy bills. But homes must meet certain criteria and because of this, over 44,000 householders that have been assessed have not gone ahead or been allowed to take up what the Green Deal has to offer.

However, whether you take up the Green Deal loan or not – the best thing to come out of this scheme is the opportunity to have your home affordably assessed to know what’s needed to be energy efficient. It is therefore essential to know what to expect from an assessment. To ensure you’re in the know, Green Deal assessor Nicholas Miles offers these tips…

1. Expect to pay for a home energy assessment (depending on where you live) from £99 – £250.

Will you look into how the Green Deal could help you?


IMAGE: Nicholas Miles, Green Deal assessor from The Green Age (www.TheGreenAge.co.uk) assessing Helena Rivera’s London home.