These Mrs Hinch cleaning must-haves are still in stock! Here's where to get them

Keep your home clean with these Mrs Hinch-approved cleaning essentials. We reveal where they're still in stock...

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Much like the rest of the nation, we love Mrs Hinch for her hilarious housework compilations and no-nonsense approach to cleaning. So popular is her opinion, in fact, that her top-rated cleaning products are often sold out in supermarkets across the country. And you'd assume the same could be said for stock availability right now, particularly given the stock-piling frenzy that so many people have (unnecessarily) embarked upon.

But, this simply isn't the case. You'll be pleased to know that there are still plenty of places to pick up your favourite Hinch-approved cleaning essentials. Whether you're on the hunt for Zoflora, Dettol multi-purpose spray, or even Harpic toilet cleaner, we reveal where they're currently still in stock thanks to research shared by

While we're actively discouraging you from clearing out shops of their stocks, here's where you can pick up any bits and bobs that you might have run out of....

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