Painting kitchen cabinets? These 8 ideas will inspire your kitchen revamp

Quick, cheap and easy, painting kitchen cabinets is a great way to refresh your room – here are some ideas to get you inspired

Painting kitchen cabinets? These are the most popular ideas to copy
(Image credit: Devol)

Painting kitchen cabinets is a great job to get on with during lockdown, especially over a bank holiday weekend! It does take a bit of patience, but the results will be so much more satisfying than many of the DIY jobs you have been cracking on with. Let's face it, what joy do you get from painting the back of the bathroom door? 

It's time for something exciting, something that will really transform a room, something you can look at and be like, 'yerrr, I did that'. So to get you inspired to get started, we have rounded up five gorgeous looks that you will definitely want to copy.

For practical tips on painting kitchen cupboards, head to our step-by-step guide next and be sure to check out the best kitchen cupboard paints for the job too. 

1. Pick a bang on sage green

Fenwick cotswold kitchen green

(Image credit: Future / Darren Chung)

Everyone is going mad for sage green at the moment and it would be the perfect colour to paint your kitchen cabinets. If you are after something subtle, go for a pale sage, like Dulux Fresh Sage

If you are after a more dramatic change, a slightly dark sage green with more of an olive tone works like Farrow & Ball's Bancha, works well in a light kitchen with white or cream walls. Pair it with a white worktop and some gold hardware to give the space a proper refresh on a budget. 

2. Use chalk paint to give kitchen cabinets a rustic finish

How gorgeous is this idea! If you have a cabinet with that has a relief pattern or that has grooves, this is a really easy look to copy. Give it a few coats of chalk paint (this kitchen has been painted with Annie Sloan's Old White) and once you are happy with the coverage, go in with a low grade sandpaper and gently rub at any raised areas to create that shabby chic look that never seems to date. 

3. Give simple modern kitchen cabinets an update

Kitchen painted in Annie Sloan paints

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

If you are looking to update, simple modern kitchen cabinets, a lick of paint colour may be all they need. Modern kitchen cabinet doors like the ones above are usually made from Melamine or a similar man made material that paint might not adhere to as easily as wood. We recommend gently sanding your doors first to give the paint a better chance of lasting. 

4. Be brave and go for a dark colour when painting your kitchen cabinets 

stone floor in country style kitchen

(Image credit: Floors of Stone)

Always wanted to see what dark kitchen cabinetry would look like? Now is a better time than any right? If you love it, great and if it doesn't work you can always paint over it. We love a dark blue in a kitchen, especially paired with a light wooden worktop and creamy walls. For a similar colour, check out Stiffkey Blue, it would work in a traditional or contemporary kitchen. 

5. Freshen up your kitchen with clean white cabinets 

How to design a Shaker kitchen: white shaker style kitchen by Brayer Design

(Image credit: Brayer Design)

You just can't go wrong with a clean looking white. Even if your kitchen cabinets aren't far from already being white but have yellowed with age, we can guarantee giving them a coat of fresh paint will make all the difference. We have a whole gallery of white kitchen ideas so head over there for more inspiration. 

6. Add softness with pink 

Again, if you've been loving all the pink kitchens that have been flooding Instagram, why not give it a go yourself? The key is to pick the right shade of pink so it doesn't end up looking too sickly. Pick either cooler, lilac pinks (Lisa Dawson took her fave Nail Polish, Essie Lilacism and had it colour match in B&Q to get the colour above) or go for more dusky dark pinks.

7 . Create a country feel with pastel kitchen cabinets

blue cupboards in kitchen extension to 1700s new england farmhouse

(Image credit: John Gruen)

Easiest way to give you kitchen a more country feel? Paint it in lovely blue pastel, in fact any pastel would work but there's just something about that pale periwinkle blue that's so synonymous with country kitchens. You don't have to paint your whole kitchen either – you could copy this idea and just paint the island to add a pop of colour. For a similarly gorgeous blue, try Dulux'x Soft Periwinkle

8. Remember beige is back (and looks fab)

Yep, beige is no longer the colour of rented rooms and bleak hotel rooms! It's cool again and looks gorgeous on kitchen cabinets as demonstrated above with Farrow and Ball's Mouse's Back. Pair it with gold or black hardware for a really stylish look. 

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