Mrs Hinch's 10 best cleaning tips – plus the lowdown on her new book

Mrs Hinch is releasing a memoir – and it's already a hit, months before it goes on sale. We have all the details, plus exclusive tips from the Queen of Clean

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Mrs Hinch has a new book coming out, and it's already a bestseller, months before it hits the shelves on the 1st October 2020. The Queen of Clean's memoir is called This Is Me, and it the fastest-selling non-fiction book on Amazon on pre-orders alone. Impressive. The contents of the books are a closely guarded secret, but the promo shot for the book is juicy. Pre-order your copy below – then, check out Mrs Hinch's exclusive top tips for keeping your home pristinely clean. 

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This Is Me Hardcover or Kindle edition | £9.99 at Amazon

Promising  'the true story of the real Sophie Hinchliffe for the very first time in her extraordinarily candid memoir', the latest from Mrs Hinch adds to her back catalogue of four books, including the bestselling Hinch Yourself Happy, which is a treasure trove of house cleaning tips.View Deal

Mrs Hinch top cleaning tips for the whole house

Want cleaning tips from the Queen of Clean? We bring you our top 10.

1. Clean your washing machine

How to clean your washing machine, according to Mrs Hinch? She uses Flash bathroom spray cleaner to get rid of the buildup of grime in the washing machine drawer, and Zoflora for cleaning and deodorising inside the washing machine door. 

2. And don't forget to clean the shower, too

The product Mrs Hinch swears by when cleaning and descaling the shower, including the shower head, is Viakal. Simply leave on for five minutes before wiping off.

3. Mrs Hinch swears by these kitchen cleaning products

You'll never guess what brand kitchen cleaning sprays are Mrs Hinch's favourite. They're actually from M&S and include the Apricot & Orange Kitchen Cleaner

4. Stained mattress? Use this simple trick to clean it

Cleaning a mattress that's seen better days or has a stain on it couldn't be easier, according to the Queen of Clean. Simply sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda and work in with a rubber glove. Leave on for half an hour and simple vacuum off. Job done. 

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5. How to use Zoflora, according to Mrs Hinch

Zoflora can be used in so many more ways than you've ever imagined. Mrs Hinch loves using it as a last step for deep cleaning the kitchen sink (diluted, of course) after pouring soda crystals down the plug first, and  to clean radiators.  

6. Use fabric conditioner to clean doors

Yes, it turns out that using diluted fabric conditioner and a soft lcoth is a great way to leave doors sparkling, not to mention smelling great. Who knew? 

7. It's also useful for carpet cleaning

And if you're looking for a quick way to quickly refresh a rug or carpet, mix one cup of fabric conditioner with one cup washing gel, work into the carpet with a brush, then wipe off after about ten minutes. 

8. How to clean stainless steel fixtures

For cleaning stainless steel, Mrs Hinch swears by Cif Stainless Steel. Simply spray on, leave for a bit, and wipe off with a Scrub Buddy Pad.

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9. This is the best toilet cleaning product, according to Hinch

The toilet cleaner Mrs Hinch loves best is Harpic bleach. Let is sit for a while after application for best results. Find out more about how to clean a toilet in our guide.

10. And don't forget to freshen up your bed in the morning

According to Mrs Hinch, beds should be disinfected every morning – not a bad idea given that we shed skin cells and sweat in our beds all night (nice). Her simple solution to a bug-free bed is spraying it with Dettol in the morning. 

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