Love painted floors? Here's how to paint floorboards this weekend

Always dreamed of painted floors, like the ones you've seen on Insta? Well, they're easy to recreate – there has never been a better time to start this space transforming DIY

Annie Sloan painted floors
(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Fallen for the painted floors you have seen on Instagram and want to recreate the look? We get you, bare floorboards painted in a gorgeous chalky hue or with a stylish simple pattern can really change the look of a room, and although it's not the quickest DIY, anyone can do it with some serious prep and a weekend of commitment.

So since we now have so much time on our hands, why not get to work this very weekend? We have put together some easy to follow guide to how to paint floorboards and how to create this very cool checkered effect. See our guide to painting floorboards for more inspo.

You will need:

Annie Sloan painted floors

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Step one: sand and clean your floorboards

You are best starting this part a few days before you want to get painting. Before starting to paint your floor you will want to check you have the smoothest, cleanest surface possible. This will mean spending some time gently sanding down your floorboards – a hand sander should be fine for the job. Then use warm water, detergent, and a mop to clean the whole floor – make sure you ring out your mop as much as possible before you start. Allow the floor to completely dry before moving onto the next step.

Step two: fill in any cracks or holes

For this use a general-purpose wood filler and a filler knife. Allow this to dry before starting to paint. 

Step three: prime your floorboards

If you are simply painting your whole floor one colour and not leaving any bare, go in with a paint roller and your primer of choice and cover the whole floor with one coat. Allow the primer to dry (check manufacturer's instructions for how long this will take). If you want to create the checked pattern with some floorboards left unpainted and some painted, instead of using a primer, go over your floorboards with a clear wood varnish to seal the boards and then allow this to dry. 

Step four: get painting

Again if you are just doing one colour, use a paint roller or a natural bristle paintbrush to apply one coat of your chosen colour. Allow to dry thoroughly before applying two more thin coats, with drying time between the two. And that's you done!

Step five: create the checkered shapes

Annie Sloan painted floors

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

If you want your floor to add more interest to your room you can quite easily create a classic checkered effect. You can do this over bare, sealed floorboards to create the look above or you could do two colours like the one below. 

Either way, start by mapping out your grid. We have seen it done with masking tape, but honestly, there looks to be a lot of maths involved with getting all the squares the same shape and at the right angle. So we thought the easiest way to create the effect would be to make the pattern using cheap square self-adhesive vinyl tiles. Just stick them to the floor in a checkered pattern and then paint all the sections of the floor that aren't covered in vinyl, then leave to dry. Apply a second coat. 

Once the second coat is totally dry, peel up the vinyl squares to reveal the bare floorboards below. 

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