The best paint stripper: 6 best buys for easy paint removal

It's worth investing in the best paint stripper if you're looking to remove paint with ease. Browse our top picks whether you prefer a high-powered heat gun, or the paste and scraper route

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best paint stripper
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Investing in the best paint stripper is a must if you're working with a lot of square footage and don't think the white spirit and manual scraper approach will quite cut it. These paint stripping tools are great for those worried about inhaling fumes, as they use heat to lift layers of old paint from surfaces: think hairdryer, but with more horsepower. 

After something more traditional? Not to worry, we’ve picked a selection of the best chemical paint strippers too, including options that work on stubborn varnish as well as paint. 

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The best paint stripper

Best paint stripper: DeWalt 240V Twin Settings Electric Paint Stripper

1. DeWalt 240V Twin Settings Electric Paint Stripper

Best paint stripper gun: though it's lightweight, this DeWalt paint stripper sure packs a punch

Best for: Build
Power: 1800W
Heat range: 50 to 600ºC
Reasons to buy
+ Light and comfortable to use + Suitable for contractor use +Perfect for tackling large areas
Reasons to avoid
-May be too expensive for some

The DeWalt 240V Twin Settings Electric Paint Stripper is our top rated product for those who are serious about removing paint with ease. And given that DeWalt are so highly regarded when it comes to power tools, it stands to reason that they're produce the best paint stripper. Easy, effective, and comfortable to use, it’s our all-round winner. 

And while it can’t be beaten for performance (users say it can melt pretty much anything), it also takes the top spot for its design. It’s light and compact, to avoid putting pressure on wrists over long stretches, but still built to last through several full-on jobs, and reviewers were blown away by how easily it saw off tough jobs.

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Best paint stripper gun: Tacklife Electric Paint Stripper Gun

2. Tacklife Electric Paint Stripper Gun

Best multi-mode paint stripper gun: get in every nook and cranny with this multi-mode heat gun

Best for: Range of jobs
Power: 2000W
Heat range: 50 to 600ºC
Reasons to buy
+ Good range of attachments and modes + Consistent powerful airflow 
Reasons to avoid
-Some may prefer a chemical paint stripper

The Tacklife Electric Paint Stripper Gun is one of the most versatile out there, offering multiple means of getting the job done. It’s great at the basics of course, said to heat up to full temperature in just one minute and have good airflow throughout, but it also offers three heat settings to cope with the toughest paints and most delicate surfaces, as well as a dedicated cooling mode.

It comes complete with four nozzle attachments including an extension tube, making it suited to most tasks from paint stripping to softening caulk. 

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Best paint stripper: Home Strip Paint Stripper 500ml

3. Home Strip Paint Stripper

Best paint stripper for efficiency: unassuming but effective, this paint stripper has the performance to back up its well-kept-secret status

Best for: Effective
Capacity: 500ml
Use on: Wood, metal, stone, brick, plaster
Reasons to buy
+ Effective on old and lead-based paint +Very  efficient paint stripper+ Low odour 
Reasons to avoid
-Chemical paint stripper may not be for everyone

While some reviewers admitted to having reservations when they first saw this Home Strip Paint Stripper on the shelves, they invariably wound up impressed by this wonder formula in its unassuming packaging.

They found it beat some more well-known competitors hands-down when it came to effectively stripping layers of hardened paint away, but most importantly, reported that it was more user-friendly. The lack of a chemical smell was a huge bonus for many, especially those with small children troubled by fumes. 

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Best paint stripper: Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper 500ml

4. Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper

Best eco-friendly paint stripper: better for you and the planet, but no less effective with it

Best for: Eco-friendly
Capacity: 500ml
Use on: Wood, brick, concrete, metal, uPVC, glass
Reasons to buy
+ Eco-friendly non-toxic formula + Economical, great coverage 
Reasons to avoid
-Chemical paint stripper may not be for everyone

The Biostrip 20 Paint Stripper has a handy no-mess, non-drip formula to keep everything other than your target area safe from potentially damaging droplets. And it’s also low-odour, water-based and non-toxic, making it one of our safest paint strippers for use in houses with kids, pets or simply anyone who’s hoping to do an eco-friendly job or is a bit nervous of using chemicals.

That thick formula also means less product wasted, and this highly economical tub is intended to clear 2-3 square metres of surfaces. 

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Best paint stripper for coverage: Rustins 500ml Strypit Paint and Varnish Stripper

5. Rustins 500ml Strypit Paint and Varnish Stripper

Best paint stripper for coverage: see to all surfaces, even the sheer ones, with this versatile paint stripper

Best for: Coverage
Capacity: 500ml
Use on: Wood, metal, glass, stone, plaster
Reasons to buy
+ Drip-free gel + Acts quickly 
Reasons to avoid
-Chemical paint stripper may not be for everyone

The Rustins 500ml Strypit Paint and Varnish Stripper works on paints and varnishes alike, and is effective on wood, metal, stone and even glass surfaces, making it a bit of an all-round wonder.

The drip-free gel consistency means it clings to whatever surface you apply it to, including verticals, giving you a fighting chance of keeping it away from any unwisely uncovered carpet.

Reviewers loved the quick-acting formula, saying that you can almost watch it dry, and noting that both paint and primer blistered off ready for wiping away in mere minutes. By all accounts, an excellent value buy. 

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Best fast-acting paint stripper: Polycell 500ml Maximum Strength Paint Stripper

6. Polycell Maximum Strength Paint Stripper

Best fast-acting paint stripper: slather on, kick back, wipe off – this gel paint stripper works wonders without dripping

Best for: Fast-acting
Capacity: 1ltr
Use on: Wood, metal
Reasons to buy
+ Quick and effective stripping + Non-drip formula 
Reasons to avoid
-May be too strong a chemical stripper for some

If maximum strength paint stripping is what you’re after, consider this Polycell Maximum Strength Paint Stripper for your trickiest projects. 

Users say it’s no misnomer, working quickly and effectively to lift layers of paint off wood, metal and more, and scraping away easily after it’s worked its magic. They also loved the thick, non-drip gel formula, which makes for less mess and less risk of damage to flooring and any non-target areas.

The only issue is that it’s understandably very potent, so be prepared for some quite strong chemical smell while it’s working, and be sure to ventilate the room you're working in. 

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How to buy the best paint stripper

When it comes to buying the best paint stripper, there are a few factors worth considering. These include:

We've included two electric paint stripper guns in our guide for those who want to make their life easier, and then a few paint stripper solutions. 

The solutions range from 500ml to one litre in size, however, some can only be used on wood and metal, so be sure to check before you buy. The paint stripper guns have their capacity and heat range listed to make your decision easier.

Safety guidelines so it all goes smoothly: wear long sleeves and trousers, gloves, and eye protection to avoid burns, and use in a well-ventilated area, ideally with a respirator mask. 

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