Coronavirus and how to reassure your kids: 3 reliable resources for parents

Not sure how to talk to kids about Coronavirus? These online guides are detailed and written by professional psychologists

how to talk to kids about coronavirus
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Looking for answers about how to talk to kids about Coronavirus? As a parent, you may be wondering how to broach the subject with a younger child – and whether you should do so at all. Or perhaps your little one is asking questions that you're finding difficult to answer in a way that won't upset them. 

The following online resources about talking to children about coronavirus have been written by professionals – clinical psychologists and child mental health specialists. 

Find more health-related advice at out dedicated hub page.  

1. Best video guide: 

If you're pressed for time and also want the reassurance of an interactive format, have a very useful video up, with the organisation's Director of Trauma and Resilience service Dr Jamie Howard. The video is just under four minutes long and is easy to digest. It covers a range of questions and age groups.

2. Best Coronavirus Q&A: Harvard Health

If you're looking for an appropriate answer to a specific corona-related question a child is asking, head to the helpful and detailed guide from Harvard Health. Includes answers to particularly tricky questions, e.g. around coronavirus and dying. Written by a clinical psychologist.

3. Best practical guide for children and parents: NASP

For a more practical, step-by-step guide to modifying your and your children's behaviour at this time, the National Association of School Psychologists have put together an in-depth resource on everything from having the conversation to hygiene and symptom guidance.

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