We found 8 of the coziest gifts for the people who are always cold (and perfect for last-minute shopping!)

We found 8 of the coziest gifts to send all your (cold) loved ones this holiday season.

coziest gifts
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We all know someone who is always cold. Whether this person is wearing one-too-many layers or is always asking to turn up the heat, there is one in every crowd (and sometimes, it's me). 

Sure, heat warmers or an extra pair of gloves can be useful holiday gift ideas for the season: Let's challenge ourselves to go the extra mile and treat those special someone's in our life to something a bit more personal. What do you say, doesn't that sound good? We think so, and that's where we (or I) come into play. 

Are you wondering where to start or what to get? Not an issue — or at least, not anymore. 

From fuzzy socks to shearling slippers, we've rounded up the eight coziest gifts to give everyone in your life who is always cold. Just remember to thank us later! 

1. A stylish loungewear set

coziest gifts

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Women's Fuzzy Fleece 2-Piece Set for $35.99, at Amazon

Love SKIMS? Add this 2-piece set into your shopping cart that is a complete dupe. The fuzzy fleece material is so comfortable you'll never want to take this set off. View Deal

2. A cheery throw blanket

coziest gift

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Vera Bradley Plush Throw Blanket for $55, at Vera Bradley 

Truth be told: I'm not going to tell you I think you'll like this plush throw blanket. Instead, I'm going to sit here and tell you I know you'll love this soft-to-touch fleece blanket, as I for, one am typing this as I'm tucked under it right now. See, this is my dad's go-to Christmas gift for the past 5(ish?) years, and it's worth every single (one of his) pennies. View Deal

3. Statement slippers

coziest slippers

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UGG Women's Fluff Yeah Slipper for $100, at Macy's 

The one thing Cardi B, Khloe Kardashian, and I all have in common? It's this UGG Fluff Yeah Slipper, and while I definitely bought it after seeing them in it, I love to tell people it was the other way around (they stole my style). However, no matter which way you spin it, this soft slipper will be your go-to (as it already is mine!). 

View Deal

4. Or a festive pair

coziest gifts

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UGG Zappos 20th x Holiday Sweater Slipper l Was $129.95, Now $69.98, at Zappos

Come to think of it? The only time I step out of my Fluff Yeah slippers is during the holiday season, which in that case I step into these holiday UGG slippers. This 5-star slipper is an excellent alternative to ugly sweaters (which I hate), and as someone who is going on Year 2 of wearing these nonstop, I can attest: It is a worthwhile gift. View Deal

5. A teddy bear robe

coziest gifts

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Teddy Bear Robe l Was $79, Now $39, at Pottery Barn 

I never considered gifting loved ones a fluffy robe until I went on a girl's trip, and my best friend's parents had them all in our gift bags. Since then, I've not only worn this robe every single day of my life, but I have sought out one close to the one-of-a-kind, monogrammed version as I have. This Pottery Barn rendition is as close as it gets to mine — and most definitely a fraction of its cost. Don't think, just buy it! View Deal

6. Warm socks

coziest gifts

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Women's 6-Pack of Fuzzy Socks for $15.99, at Amazon

Another staple of mine that doubles as an excellent gift? Fuzzy socks and my brother's gift me a pair for every single holiday. To the point, I not only have an entire sock drawer of them, but it's a running joke when I go out and ask my group text, "Is it cold enough for fuzzy socks?" Long story short: this is the most underrated yet the most-essential gift to give this season. View Deal

7. A scented candle

coziest gifts

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LAFCO New York House & Home Candle — Honey Blossom for $62, at Amazon

Admittingly, my candle obsession was ignited by this exact candle (somewhere around this time last year), and since then? I've had it burning in one room (minimum) of my apartment at all times. Its sweet smell is reminiscent of my childhood home and keeps me warm and toast, all day, every day. 

8. A cup of tea

coziest gifts

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DAVIDsTEA Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai Loose Leaf Tea for $21.98, at Amazon

Naturally, I saved the best for last — this loose-leaf tea. No matter if I'm cold, tired, or just in need of some TLC, this cinnamon tea is a staple in my kitchen. You'll find me drinking it year-round, and most times, while curled up underneath my favorite fuzzy blanket, which is also why I opt to gift it to everyone every holiday season. #ShareTheLoveView Deal

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