Amazon launches The Face Mask Store: find your face covering in no time

Shop for face masks – without the faff – with Amazon's new Face Mask Store. Filter by type and size to find the best face coverings for your family

The Face Mask Store on Amazon
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If you need a face covering ASAP you need to check out The Face Mask Store from Amazon. Since the UK government made it a legal obligation to wear face coverings in shops, thousands of people have been looking for where to buy a face mask. It is a move we welcome, but if you don't yet own a mask, then the only place to get one is online as you can't go into a shop to buy one without one on. Tricky.

Luckily the likes of Amazon have had a wide range of face masks and coverings on offer since the start of the pandemic. However, the vast choice of masks can actually make it hard to find the best one for your needs. So, the retail giant has created a dedicated space for customers to find the right face masks and coverings with The Face Mask Store. Here, they are sorted by type – be it reusable, disposable and medical grade PPE – and also organised by size ensuring you get the best fit for efficient use. There is even a whole section of certified medical masks dedicated to those requiring the very best PPE for healthcare roles or small business needs.

The best thing? Many on offer can be delivered for free next day with an Amazon Prime membership, so if you have been avoiding a trip to the shops because you don't have a mask, this could be what you need (although we suggest wearing a scarf or bandana if desperate RIGHT NOW). Scroll on to see our top picks.

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Best buys from The Face Mask Store

Unibear disposable KN95 respirator protective face mask 20 pack | £39.99 on Amazon

While cotton reusable masks are great for trips to the shops, if you will be wearing one for any extended period of time (we are talking for work or longer shopping excursions) a mask with 94% filtration like this will be perfect. They are a bit easier to breathe in and offer higher levels of protection (to you and to others).View Deal

Sanetta unisex adult fashion scarf double pack, small | £16.51 on Amazon
We aren't sure how long face masks will be part of our daily outfit, so we love that places are calling them fashion scarves – it's the accessory of 2020, for sure. This pretty pair of masks is perfect for matching to any outfit (never thought we would be writing that sentence...)View Deal

3-ply general use disposable face masks, 50 pack | £21.39 on Amazon
Many of us feel safer using single use masks instead of something reusable. If you are more vulnerable and only going to the shops for emergencies anyhow, this box should last you long enough and is a good value buy. Just make sure you dispose of them properly (in a bin!) and remove by holding the elastics rather than touching the mouth part.View Deal

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