After kitchen cabinet ideas? This is our easiest hack yet!

No paint, no mess, just a few easy steps to brand new looking kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinet ideas
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So what are these super easy kitchen cabinet ideas you bring me (we hear you scream)? Well folks, the answer is, drumroll please... curtains. Hear us out. If your kitchen cabinet doors are so beyond saving, that even paint can't improve them, then just take them off. Chop them up, use them as firewood, take them to a recycling centre, just get rid (in the most eco-friendly way possible obviously) and replace them with curtains!

Maybe it will take pictures to demonstrate just how cool and rustic this can look, so keep scrolling to get a better picture of what we are talking about and how to create the really easy look yourself. For more kitchen cabinet ideas head to our gallery.  

It’s your turn to wash up! 📷 Darren Chung Period Living

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You will need: 

Step one: measure for your 'curtains'

Measure the height and width of your kitchen cabinets and add on an extra 10cm to the width so you can create pleats in your curtain and add on an extra 10cm to the height so you can create a loop at the top and hem the bottom. 

Use a pencil or dressmakers chalk to mark out the measurements on your fabric and then cut out the shape. 

Step two: create the loops for your curtain wire

Create a loop to thread the curtain wire through by folding the top of your fabric back on itself and using fabric glue to hold it. If you are nifty with a sewing machine you could use that instead. 

Step three: hem your curtains 

You can hem the bottom of your curtains using fabric glue too, just fold up a small section at the bottom and glue to down to create a neat, clean line. 

Step four: thread the curtain wire through the curtain

Use the width of your kitchen cabinet to cut the curtain wire to the size you need, then thread it through the top loop.

Step five: hang your curtains 

If you buy a curtain wire kit that uses adhesive rather than screws, just follow the really easy instructions that will come with the kit. And then just hook up your curtains, arrange them so they hang nicely and voila! So easy, so effective. 

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