50% of our home-related new year’s resolutions have already been broken

After resolving to decorate, declutter or DIY, half of Britons have yet to keep their home-improving new year’s resolution

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If you've found yourself looking around your home and realising that you haven't met any of your home goals for 2018, you're not alone.

A survey carried out by Hillarys, which is part of an ongoing study into the home life of adults in the UK, has revealed that 44% of people made a new year's resolution based around their home. Of these, even though most expected to have completed their resolution by now, only 51% have indeed stuck to it.  

The top 5 failed resolutions were:

· Decluttering the house/rooms – 26%

· Decorating a room – 21%

· Getting on top of the ironing – 17%

· DIY job/ projects/ repairs – 13%

· Clearing out old clothes – 11%

The reasons for not sticking to their resolutions were:

· Lack of finances – 33%

· Laziness – 25%  

· Lack of time – 18%

What’s more, everyone who took part in the study was asked how much they intended to spend on home improvements in 2018. On average, they planned to spend £3,100, with people in Yorkshire and Humberside planning on spending the most at £8,250, and people in the South West spending the lease, at just £520.

“Lots of people start the year resolving to make changes in one area of their life or another and the home is often a key target for these fresh starts. Don’t feel too disheartened if they’re yet to be accomplished; there’s plenty of time left in 2018 to finish what you set out to do.”

Tara Hall at Hillarys