5 gorgeous wine rack ideas to make your kitchen feel more luxe

Who needs a wine cellar wine these wine rack ideas will add just as many boujie vibes (plus the wine is easier to access)

Wine rack ideas
(Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

Looking for wine rack ideas that will work in your kitchen no matter what the size? Well we have you covered. Keeping your wine in optimal condition is important, and the best place to keep your collection is pride of place in a wine rack rather than hidden away in a cupboard. Good spots include integrated wine racks that are part of your fitted kitchen design, in a freestanding purposely designed unit or a small rack that can be placed where you want it for ease of access. Ideally they need to be stored tilted and most definitely out of direct sunlight.

Check out our five fave ideas for storing your wine collection and if you are after the best wine fridges we have a buying guide for that too. 

1. Keep wine to hand while you cook 

Wine rack ideas

(Image credit: Scavolini)

We all like to have a sip or two of wine whilst cooking don’t we? And this super handy built in rack is just the ticket. You can store your favorites on the top shelf alongside olive oils and wine vinegar, so they are all at hand for adding in that splash to your cooking too. And the glass holder is a genius idea, keeps them neat and tidy and on view rather than tucked away in a cupboard. 

2. Pick a cabinet with a built in wine rack 

Wine rack ideas

(Image credit: Ledbury Studios)

This fabulous 50s style unit is a great modern take on a classic old design and the wine rack is the star of the show. Placing it directly down the middle gives the unit a decorative feel - all those different coloured tops add the perfect design element and the ribbed glass doors complete the Fifties look. 

3. Pick a freestanding unit for storing your wine

Wine rack ideas

(Image credit: Garden Trading )

This beautiful wine store is crafted from European Spruce and has a galvanised sheet metal top that is both practical and adds an industrial feel. It holds up to 32 bottles that sit at an angle allowing the cork to stay moist, choosing a design like this allows you to see which wine you want to use easily too. The freestanding nature of the design gives you freedom to move the unit around too.

4. Integrate a wine rack into your kitchen  

Wine rack ideas

(Image credit: Kitchen Makers)

If you are having a kitchen designed and fitted and you love wine, then why not have the wine rack fully integrated into a kitchen dresser? It offers a seamless look and we love how the shelf is bare wood that contrasts against the panelling of the unit - and you can keep all of your glasses in the side cupboard and decanters underneath the last shelf – stylish and practical.

5.  Choose a budget friendly (and small kitchen friendly) wine rack 

Wine rack ideas

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There are plenty of great floor standing ideas to choose from that won’t break the bank - these are a good option if you don’t have a built in wine rack in your kitchen. Look for a design that offers more than simply being a wine rack, like this design for example – it has a wooden top that you can use as a shelf – what’s not to love? 

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