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Christmas table decorations: 18 table setting ideas for your festive feast

No matter what’s on the menu make sure your Christmas table decorations are extra special this festive season

Christmas table decorations with a Scandi theme and LED star lights overhead
(Image credit: Ikea)

The Christmas dinner table is the heart of the festivities. It’s where glasses are raised, crackers are pulled and an ungodly amount of pigs in blankets are eaten. So it seems only right that it should be dressed to impress. Use these Christmas table decorations for inspiration – and don't miss all our Christmas gifts and decorating ideas...

1. Make use of what you've got

Vintage tables setting

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

There’s definitely something endearing about Christmas table decorations that have character. Mismatched plates, vintage trinkets and homemade decorations can all come together to create a lovely festive melange. So before you go buying anything new, take a look around your home and see if anything could be given a second home next to the cranberry sauce. 

2. Use natural materials for a rustic touch

Nordic style table setting by George Home

(Image credit: George Home)

We’ve talked a lot about bringing the outside in at Christmas, but it really is such an effective, inexpensive way to make a space feel immediately more festive. Try strewing your table with some branches, stems of eucalyptus and pine cones for an on-trend Nordic look. 

We've got some lovely Scandi Christmas decorating ideas, plus a guide to Christmas foliage and flowers, should you have a moment...

3. Go for a traditional colour scheme

Christmas table by Talking Tables

(Image credit: Talking Tables)

If you are a sucker for traditional Christmas decorations, don’t limit all that red, green, gold and tartan just to the tree, incorporate them into your Christmas table settings, too. Start by dressing the table in a deep red tablecloth and then build up from there – holly, ivy, leftover baubles, tartan napkins – the whole shebang. 

This gorgeous tableware is from Talking Tables.

4. Add some retro feels with kitsch decor 

Kitsch table setting

(Image credit: Kasia Fiszer)

Nostalgia plays such a huge part at Christmas, it explains why we are seeing a comeback of kitsch Christmas decorations. So why not have your turkey joined by a flamingo or the odd llama this year? Recreate this look by getting playful with pastel colours, confetti, sparkling stars and vintage baubles. Basically anything colourful goes. 

5. Create opulence with gold accents

Rose gold table settings by Lights4fun

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

Because if you can’t have an overload of sparkle at Christmas then when can you? Mix rose gold metallics with blush-hued tableware and team with a simple table runner to recreate this look. (And pssst… that glimmering, golden branch running through the middle of the table, isn’t a painstaking DIY make, it’s actually a pre-lit garland from Lights4fun).

6. Decorate your dining chairs 

Christmas table by Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

Add an extra touch to your Christmas table decorations by adding something extra your dining chairs too. Tie ribbons around them, adorn them with mini wreaths or just simply hang a bough of fir off the back. It might not last long, but looks lovely for the big day, wouldn't you agree?

All this stunning tableware, artificial trees and dining room furniture are by Neptune

7. Go for a dark, dramatic colour scheme

Dark Christmas table by George Home

(Image credit: George Home)

Not traditionally the most festive of colour schemes, black and greys may not scream Christmas cheer, but this table setting is just irresistibly gothic and, combined with the gold candles and plenty of foliage, we reckon it still looks plenty festive.

The tableware and decorations in this striking dining room are  from George Home

And if you just love a touch of Tim Burton, why not choose dark candles over the more traditional ivory tapers (below)? 

Christmas table with dark candles

(Image credit: Neptune)

8. Use fur and linen for a softer look

Scandi style Christmas table settings

(Image credit: Neptune)

As much as we love a crisp white table cloth, try using a linen one instead for a more casual Scandi vibe. Complete the look by throwing some fur rugs over your chairs and lacing the table with some greenery. Want more Scandi Christmas inspiraton? Check out more of our Scandi decorating ideas

You can find all this lovely tableware and decorations at Neptune

9. Go all out Victoriana 

Christmas table setting by B&Q

(Image credit: B&Q)

Pay homage to the Victorian tradition of using food as decoration and make it the centrepiece of your Christmas table. Pick out some delectable looking fruit and pile it high in the middle of the table, then chose some vintage inspired tableware and dramatic tapers to complete the look. 

10. Leaving it till the last minute? Candles, candles, candles

LED wax candles by Lights4fun

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

You just can’t go wrong if you have plenty of soft, glowing candles. And if you don’t trust your family to be around an open flame (especially after a few snowballs) these wax LED candles from Light4fun are incredibly realistic no one will even notice the difference (again, especially after a few snowballs). 

11. Add a personal touch with place cards

Neptune Christmas table setting

(Image credit: Neptune)

Not only does this ensure that you can be conveniently positioned at the opposite end of the table to whichever sloshed relative has had one too many bucks fizz, but place cards are also a really easy (and inexpensive) touch that shows you have made a bit of extra effort. You could of course have your place cards made (Not on the High Street have some lovely options), or you could copy this idea and get fancy with a calligraphy pen (or just a biro) and some nice heavy paper. 

12. Add some (budget) luxury with deep shades

Christmas table setting by Ikea

(Image credit: Ikea)

For an alternative Christmas table try choosing a deep, velvety colour scheme – pair together shades of teal and plum and incorporate touches of rich fabrics for a really luxurious but cosy feel. This table setting might look expensive but everything is actually from Ikea!

13. Make a statement with Art Deco tableware

Maison du Monde table setting

(Image credit: Maison du Monde)

Give your roasties a more glamorous backdrop with some bold tableware. We love these zebra print plates from Maisons du Monde; team them with some gold accessories, vintage-style glasses and printed napkins to recreate this look. 

14. Add warmth with autumnal hues 

Christmas dining room by Neptune

(Image credit: Neptune)

Go rogue this Christmas and move away from the typical wintery blues, silvers and crisp whites and choose a warmer autumnal colour scheme. We love how the deep orange textiles look with the pillar candles, and how gorgeous is that Alpine throw from Neptune? Still very festive of course, just has a bit of a fresher feel. 

15. Use accessories to add pops of colour

(Image credit: Le Creuset)

If you want to stick to a fairly neutral table but still want just a hint of cheery Christmas crimson, choose a few bits of tableware to lift an otherwise pretty restrained colour palette. These salt and pepper shakers from Le Creuset add a splash of colour and look gorgeous with the wintery blues and greys. 

16. Don't forget the kids' table

(Image credit: Zara Home)

If you are lucky enough to have to space to stick all the kids on a separate table for the Christmas dinner, then make sure they get some cute table decor too! Zara has a whole range of festive melamine tableware this year – unbreakable, dishwasher safe, candy cane adorned, plates, bowls, glasses and mugs are but a click away... 

17. Choose wintery blues and silvers

(Image credit: Wyevale Garden Centres )

We've seen a lot of debate about blue at Christmas; most of you seem to agree that blue just isn't a Christmas colour but we think paired with the right flourishes of foliage and touches of silver it can totally work. Pinch this idea and use rustic wooden placemats (something like these from John Lewis) and fur throws to soften the look. 

18. Embrace the neon Christmas trend 

John Lewis Christmas tableware

(Image credit: John Lewis )

We are lurrving this neon thing that's going on this Christmas (thanks John Lewis for making it totally acceptable to adorn a Christmas table in bright pink parrots and glittery cassettes).  It's just so far from all the green foliage, red berries and pillar candles you see so often.

This is such an easy Christmas table decoration idea to copy too and is minimal effort for maximum effect – this bowl is only a tenner from John Lewis; you just have to fill it up with fruit, mince pies, whatever you fancy, and then the pièce de résistance? Those clip on parrot decorations! Love. This. So. Much. 

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