Steak sandwich: a mighty dinner idea for meat lovers

This mega steak sandwich is one for the weekend – here's everything you need to know...

steak sandwich
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Meat lovers listen up, this steak sandwich recipe is for you. The perfect dinner idea for the weekend, it's packed full of flavour and offers a great alternative to more traditional barbecue and warm weather food. 

We'd recommend buying the best meat you can afford for a succulent steak sandwich. Then, serve with all the trimmings. Discover exactly how to make it below, then head over to our food hub for more recipe ideas and inspiration.

Gordon Ramsay's steak sandwich recipe

(Image credit: Farmison & Co)

You may or may not know that Gordon Ramsay has been sharing a bunch of mega recipes over on Instagram, all of which have proven particularly popular amongst his foodie fans. But this steak sandwich is without doubt one of the top hits. And for good reason, it looks absolutely delicious.

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To make Gordon Ramsay's steak sandwich recipe, you will need:

  • Fillet of beef, 700 grams
  • Head of garlic, cut in half horizontally
  • Thyme
  • Butter
  • Olive oil
  • Sea salt and pepper, for seasoning

1. To make his steak sandwich, Gordon Ramsay begins preheating his oven to 200°C/Gas 6. At the same time, he heats an ovenproof frying pan, adding a good glug of olive oil once warm.

2. Next, he seasons his fillet with plenty of salt and pepper, before frying on a high heat for a minute or two on both sides until it's coloured on both sides, before removing from the pan. 

3. Gordon Ramsay then adds garlic and thyme to the pan, cooking for a few minutes before placing his meat on top. He also adds a good amount of butter to the pan and bastes his meat for extra flavour.

4. Once that's done, Gordon Ramsay places his beef in the oven – keeping it in his ovenproof frying pan – and roasts for 15 to 17 minutes. He then removes the meat from the oven, covers in foil and leaves to rest for another 15 minutes, continuing to baste with the butter every few minutes.

5. You can serve the meat at this stage, or you can make a tasty relish to accompany your salad. Gordon Ramsay does so by gently caramelising an onion and chillies, before stirring in fresh tomatoes and allowing to slow cook for 6 to 8 minutes. He then adds vinegar and allows the relish to simmer so that it achieves a thicker consistency. Once removed from the heat, he adds a small amount of basil and seasons well with salt and pepper.

6. Gordon Ramsay then thickly slices his steak and serves with toasted ciabatta, lemon mayonnaise, lettuce leaves and plenty of relish.

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