Fire pits: Amazon's best selections from $40 for small backyards

Even if your yard is tiny, you don't have to skip out on fire pits. Amazon's reliable, compact, and stylish selections are proof

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A small backyard calls for cozy accents like fire pits. Amazon has quite a few selections that make a big impact on the ambiance, but fortunately, not a big dent in your wallet.

Now that spring has officially arrived, you're probably thinking about fixing up your yard and taking your plans al fresco...even if it's still a tad chilly. A fire pit is one of those accessories that will put the finishing touches on your oasis and give back throughout the year. 

Whether you're interested in snagging one for warmth, aesthetics, or marshmallow roasting, brainstorm fire pit ideas and turn your backyard area into the go-to gathering spot of the spring, and beyond. 

Fire pits: Amazon's best selections from $40

Even if you're working with small backyard ideas, there's no reason to exclude fire pits. Amazon has plenty of compact selections, as well as tabletop offerings, should square footage be at a minimum. The Kizzby Table Top Fire Pit Bowl on Amazon clocks in at less than five inches wide and four inches high, is currently on sale for less than $25, and has a 4.6/5-star review. The portable, rectangular Korniful Tabletop Fire Pit on Amazon is another hot contender (get it?) and is less than $40.

What to shop

Of course, if you have your heart set on something a bit bigger than a tabletop fire pit (but isn't too overwhelming in size), these customer favorites offer just what you're looking for and perfectly complement your outdoor furniture, really embracing that inviting feeling.

Although the Real Homes team did not personally test these fire pits, we selected options based on ratings, reviews, prices, and sizes that are suitable for smaller scales. Prices were correct at the time of publication. Read all directions properly before putting your fire pits to use. 

Need some outdoor fire pit maintenance tips? We're here to help. These are the things you shouldn't put on a fire pit, according to experts. If you want to go the DIY route, these tips from pros will help you build a smokeless fire pit.

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