Best gas BBQ: our top 10 gas barbecues for 2021

Pick up one of the best gas BBQs for summer 2021, with our roundup of the best barbecues from Weber, Char-Broil, Everdure, Outback and more

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best gas bbq 2021
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The best gas BBQ will make the entire grilling process easy. From electronic ignition to easy burner control, gas barbecues really do transform the way you dine alfresco.

Many of the best gas BBQs from Weber, Char-Broil, Outback, Everdure and Campingaz are designed to make life even easier. With side burners and even app compatibility, they will allow the grill-master to take a well-earned break from the barbecue while your steaks or veggies are chargrilled to perfection. 

While many opt for charcoal BBQs because they offer that classic smokey flavour at an affordable price, you'd be surprised to learn just how easy it is to find a gas barbecue for under £200. Top brands like Weber and Char-Broil have also come up with new ways to inject flavour into gas-grilled meals, with cast iron grills that become seasoned after use. 

Then, there are portable gas grills. These are ideal for travelling, and because they can be placed on tabletops, they offer convenient storage without the need to invest in a stand. For other options including charcoal and electric models, check out our complete guide to the best BBQs. For the best gas BBQs of 2021, keep on reading. 

Our best gas BBQ picks to buy in 2021


(Image credit: Cosmogrill)

1. CosmoGrill Deluxe 4+1 BBQ

Best gas BBQ: get more for your money with this 4+1 gas BBQ

Burners: 4, and 1 side
Material: Alloy steel
Dimensions: H126 x D50 x W103 cm
Reasons to buy
+Five burners total+Affordable option+61 x 42cm cooking area
Reasons to avoid
-Assembly can take a while

Entertaining on a budget? We've got you. The CosmoGrill Deluxe 4+1 BBQ is a large four-burner option and it even comes with a side burner. The hood is double-walled for insulating your food as it cooks, and there's a thermometer to allow you to keep tabs on temperature. For the price, it's a top choice. 

This CosmoGrill option is one of the most popular gas BBQs for large families this summer. It's been a sellout on Amazon, and with all this cooking space we can see why. 

Outback Excel Onyx 2-Burner Gas Trolley BBQ

(Image credit: Outback)

2. Outback Excel Onyx 2-Burner Gas Trolley BBQ

Best gas barbecue on a budget: a great gas option ideal for families and those who like precise heat control

Burners: 2
Material: Porcelain coated steel wire grill, powder coated hood
Dimensions: 56.5 x 119.5 x 103 cm
Reasons to buy
+Lava rocks are used to turn fat and juices into flavoursome smoke+Grill for frying steaks 
Reasons to avoid
-Won’t last a lifetime

If you're looking for great value for money and consistent cooking results, we can recommend buying the Outback Excel Onyx 2-Burner Gas Trolley BBQ. 

Well priced, it comes with two main burners for serving groups. The side burner is also useful for frying steak on a hot griddle. As well as a shelf space below, there are also two foldaway side flaps, which are ideal for sauces, salads and drinks. And its simple design means that assembly time is no more than 15 to 30 minutes before you're ready to go, making it an ideal last-minute purchase when the weather forecast predicts a sunny weekend.

best gas bbq

(Image credit: Everdure)

3. Everdure by Heston Blumenthal FORCE 2 Burner

Best premium gas BBQ overall: effortlessly combining style and function, the Everdure is a classic example of Heston Blumenthal’s exceptional cookery gadget range

Burners: 2
Material: Stainless steel, PU plastic, Aluminium, Cast iron
Dimensions: H144.7xW117.5xD74.3
Reasons to buy
+Very stylish+Use for convection cooking+Available in a selection of colours
Reasons to avoid
-Nothing of note

Heston Blumenthal is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to cookery gadgets, whether it’s his Sage range or this rather snazzy gas BBQ. There are two burners, so you should have ample control over the heat, and you also have the option to cook with the hood off or on, enabling you to infuse your food with the smoky flavour which charcoal BBQs are more renowned for. 

Available to purchase in Graphite, Mint and Orange, this best gas barbecue would make the perfect addition to a patio, decking or balcony. 

gas2coal BBQReal Homes Rated Gold badge

(Image credit: Char-Broil)

4. Char-Broil Gas2Coal

Best hybrid gas BBQ: for those who aren't fully committed to gas

Burners: 2, 3 or 4
Material: Alloy steel
Dimensions: 60.7 x 154.9 x 117.3cm
Reasons to buy
+Cooks for a crowd+Budget-friendly +Side burner included+Tried it, loved it+Easy to convert to charcoal
Reasons to avoid
-The side burner isn't great when it's windy

Looking for a BBQ that cooks with gas but also charcoal? Look no further than the Char-Broil Gas2Coal. We've tried this hybrid BBQ with both gas and charcoal, and it does an amazing job of cooking food evenly on both. Heating it up only takes about 10 minutes, and it retains heat very well (which we could tell thanks to the gauge on the lid). 

Even when you do cook with charcoal on the Char-Broil Gas2Coal, it uses gas to heat up the coals and you can use the gas side burner all the while. This didn't fare so well in the windy weather, but when the sun is shining it's a belter. 

You can buy the Char-Broil Gas2Coal in two, three or four burner dimensions, sothere's something for every family. The arms don't fold down though, so prepare to store it before buying. 

Campingaz gas bbq

(Image credit: Campingaz)

5. Campingaz Attitude 2100 LX

Best table top gas BBQ: take it on the go for barbecues anywhere

Burners: 2
Material: Metal
Dimensions: H39, W44, D97cm
Reasons to buy
+Super portable+Decent cooking area+Comes on legs for tabletop cooking+In-built thermometer
Reasons to avoid
-Small for most families -No foldable side arms

No storage space? No problem. The Campingaz Attitude 2100 LX doesn't come on a stand, meaning it will fit snugly onto an outdoor table for use all through the summer. Then just pack it away in a cupboard when you're done.

The lid has an in-built thermometer which is great for slow cooking meats. The total cooking area is 52 x 36 cm, so it's on the smaller side for family meals. It does only weigh 24kg though, making it the most portable option in our guide to the best gas BBQs. 

Best smoker gas BBQ: Char-Broil The Big Easy

6. Char-Broil The Big Easy Smoker, Roaster & Grill

Best gas BBQ (& smoker): because who says hosting a large gathering has to be hard?

Burners: 1
Material: Stainless steel, PU plastic
Dimensions: H91xW51xD51
Reasons to buy
+Smoker, roaster and grill in one+Leave meat to smoke while you enjoy your company
Reasons to avoid
-Only one burner

Leave your joints of meat to slowly tenderise and infuse with smoky flavour as you enjoy the full swing of your party thanks to this best gas BBQ. The handy roasting basket lets you slowly cook whole chickens and lamb legs, alternatively, you can hook racks of ribs to the basket and there’s a grill for placing smaller cuts of meat such as sausages and chicken wings. For an easy and healthy way to feed the five thousand, invest in this handy smoker. 

Best gas BBQ for parties: Weber Genesis II E-310

7. Weber Genesis II E-310

Best gas BBQ overall: a great gas BBQ for hosting parties, but not too large to store

Burners: 3
Material: Porcelain enamel, stainless steel
Dimensions: H120.65cm x W152.4cm x D76.2cm
Reasons to buy
+Includes Flavoriser bars+Keep food hot with the tuckaway warming rack 
Reasons to avoid
-Quite pricey for only three burners

The Weber Genesis II E-310 comes with everything you need, but at a pretty reasonable price. It features the flavorisor bars, which are essential to recreating that charred flavour that charcoal BBQs are renowned for. 

Three burners is also a great amount for most families - not so large that you'll lose all your shed space, and not so small that you can't cater to a crowd. Featuring a porcelain enamel grease tray for easy cleaning and plenty of prep area, this is the best gas BBQ for most people. 

gas bbq

(Image credit: Amazon)

8. Char-Broil Professional Black Edition 3500 Gas BBQ

Best gas barbecue for chefs: opt for a model designed for even heat and juicier results

Best for: Tasty results
Weight: 56kg
Fuel: Gas
Colour: Black
Reasons to buy
+Tasty results+Designed for easy cleaning+Doors to hide the gas tank+Side burner
Reasons to avoid
-Not the largest

The CharBroil Professional Black Edition 3500 Gas BBQ has a side burner for cooking up a feast, and you can cover it with a 10 year warranty. 

Large cooking area

The CharBroil Professional Black Edition 3500 Gas BBQ has a 2683 sq cm cooking area, which is great for catering to most size groups. It's only got two burners though, so opt for a four burner BBQ for something capable of cooking enough for a BBQ party. 

Store more

You can stash the essentials for meal preparation behind the barbecue’s enamelled steel doors and use the side shelves to ensure everything you need is at hand.

Chefs choice

The TRU-Infrared cooking with the CharBroil Professional is designed to cut back on gas use and prevent flare-ups that could lead to uneven cooking.  

best gas bbq

(Image credit: Weber)

9. Weber Q 2000 Gas BBQ

Best small gas BBQ: take the Weber Q3200 on the go

Burners: 2
Material: Hemp string & metal
Dimensions: H141 x W127 x D76cm
Reasons to buy
+Portable+Easy ignition+Enamelled cooking grates
Reasons to avoid
-It's expensive for a two burner

If you want to keep your summer BBQs small, the Weber Q 2000 Gas BBQ is a great choice. It comes with two burners, and the grill is covered by high-quality porcelain enamel that's easy to clean. The frame is lightweight and has a bottom shelf for storing plates and any other gear. 

The Weber Q 2000 Gas BBQ has two side shelves that fold down. Combined with its frame, which is on two wheels, it's super easy to transport at only 45kg. Ignition is easy as could be thanks to the electric controls, and the burner valves offer complete control over your meal. It's the best small gas BBQ in our guide. 

gas bbq

(Image credit: Campingaz)

10. Campingaz 4 Series Classic LS Plus

Best premium gas BBQ: a smart and durable option that's perfect for entertaining

Burners: 4, and 1 side
Material: Cast Iron
Dimensions: H160 x D59.8 x W115.6 cm
Reasons to buy
+Modular system makes it versatile+Side burner +Bottom cupboard
Reasons to avoid
-Large and pricey

The Campingaz 4 Series Classic LS Plus is a seriously premium option. We're impressed by the cast iron grid which is sure to last many summers, and the modular system features a removable grid that can be swapped out for extras such as a wok or even a pizza stone, making it a great stand-in for the best pizza ovens

Featuring four burners and a steel lid with an in-built thermometer, this is a seriously smart option. It has a combined cooking area of 3,500 cm squared, and one of the side shelves folds away for easier storage. Even though it comes on four casters, this is still a tricky option when it comes to easy storage. 

What is the best gas BBQ in 2021?

So, let's recap... if you want a gas BBQ that will last a lifetime, and money is no object, you really can't do much better than the spectacular Weber Genesis II E-310. This gas barbecue is approaching an outdoor kitchen in its sophistication. Want something much more affordable? Try the CosmoGrill 4+1 Gas Burner Garden BBQ.

How to choose the best gas BBQ

Best places to buy the best gas BBQ

Gas barbecues come in all manner of shapes and sizes, with two burner units often sitting along side the more serious-looking six burner BBQs. This means that there are a few factors you'll need to consider before making a decision..

Single or multiple burners?
Gas BBQs with multiple burners are the best. You can seal your food on the heat, then turn half the burners off, close the lid and allow your food to cook super slowly off the direct heat. The Weber Genesis II LX S-640 is the king of all BBQs, with 6 burners for careful cooking control and flavouriser bars to help circulate smoke produced from dripping meat juices and marinades. 

The best material for a gas burner is stainless steel – sturdier than aluminium, but more portable (and easier to clean) than cast iron. 

Extra features?
The best gas barbecues will have some kind of food prep area – pull-out side shelves, for example – and perhaps additional cooking features such as a roasting basket. Look out for technologies that address the potential lack of flavour from a gas bbqs - the best should compensate for the lack of charcoal with structural features that maximise the smoky infusion effect.

How much to spend on a gas BBQ

As we now know, gas BBQs feature a wide range of gadgets and burners, which all come in various sizes. Depending on which make and model of barbecues you are drawn to, you will ultimately see differences in price.

There are big price differences amongst the well-known brands and those available in supermarkets, and also notable differences in the built quality. Plus, the more burner and more special features you opt for, will also rack up the amount you spend.

And beyond the initial purchase of the BBQ, there will be further costs to use and maintain it such as replenishing the fuel; charcoal can often be picked up from DIY stores, garages or supermarkets, and gas canisters will need to be refilled or replaced at DIY stores.

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