Pantry organization tips and ideas – straight from The Home Edit

Getting your pantry organization down is made easy with The Home Edit. Do this to keep your pantry looking amazing all year round

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Pantry organization was like a well kept secret, right up until The Home Edit revealed how to organize a pantry properly. We couldn't be happier, and yes we are still a little bit (all right) very obsessed with their Netflix show, but once you've seen the magic they can do, you will understand...

Professional organizers Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin have joined Marie Kondo as our clutter-clearing, tidying and sorting gurus, and we love to watch them at work. So when the creative and organized pair shared a fabulous pantry on Instagram recently, we took notice straight away. We’ve fallen hard for the duo’s colour-co-ordinated and super organized schemes. While we aren’t lucky enough to own pantries, we’re definitely applying the ideas to our kitchen cabinets too so we can say hello to finding everything in the blink of an eye AND admiring the chic interior.

You can take inspiration from this Home Edit-approved pantry just below, plus check out our top tips too and we’ve even found some best buys to help you get yours (or your kitchen cabinets) sorted. For more kitchen ideas and inspiration when you're done take a look at our feature. 

Pantry organization tips from The Home Edit

1. Working from the top of this cupboard down, we can see that the organizational magic-makers favor turntables for smaller items. That way everything’s easy to find and you don’t end up losing items in the deepest recess of your unit.

2. Also key? Clear canisters. This way you can see when you’re running out of, say breakfast cereal, so you aren’t left doing a last-minute dash to the shops. The other benefit? Your items stay fresh in air-tight containers so there’s no food waste.

3. And while we’re talking clear containers, The Home Edit ladies love see-through bins. You can group items in them, and you can pull them out just like a drawer.

4. At the bottom of this pantry is another Home Edit favorite: baskets. These do a similar job to the clear bins, but they also help make your pantry or cupboard look good, and Clea and Joanna have aesthetics in mind as well as order. Why shouldn’t your storage be a great sight to behold?

For more pantry storage ideas and tips take a look at our feature.

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