How to clean a shower head

We show you how to clean a shower head in three easy steps. Remove limescale and enjoy a clean, powerful shower again in no time

How to clean a shower
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If your shower head is clogged up and water is shooting in all directions, you need to know how to clean it. A dirty shower head will not work as efficiently and you might find the power is decreased, making for a less than enjoyable shower each morning. Luckily, getting your shower head clean takes little effort and next to no time. So, here we tell you how to do it and the best news is that you don't need any special cleaners – just some vinegar, an old toothbrush and a plastic bag.

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How to clean your shower head: method

1. First use a toothbrush to quickly scrub of any dry debris from around the holes.

2. Mix a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water (you'll need about ½ pint) and pour it into a plastic bag. Put the plastic bag around the shower head so the holes are submerged in the liquid. Secure the bag using an elastic band or a cable tie. Leave to soak for at least 20 minutes, or for best results leave overnight.

3. Remove the bag, then use a scourer to wipe away loose sediment and finally run the shower on hot to flush out the holes.

If this doesn't work and you have left the shower overnight, or have particularly stubborn limescale, you might need to resort to more powerful bathroom cleaners. See our pick below.

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