How to warm up your home this winter with underfloor heating

Discover the benefits of underfloor heating and create a cosy, comfortable home as temperatures outside plummet

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Underfloor heating has become increasingly popular among home renovators, particularly for use in bathrooms and open-plan living spaces. There are systems available for almost every project and type of house, helping you create a warm, cosy feeling underfoot, which is all the more desirable during the chilly winter months. 

The experts at Warmup carried out research and discovered homeowners choosing underfloor heating over radiators reap the following rewards: 

1. Even heat distribution 

Underfloor heating warms the floor from below the surface and distributes the heat evenly across the entire heated area. This keeps the room at a comfortable temperature and ensures the air in the room remains fresh, unlike radiators, which often overheat one area and can leave the air feeling stuffy. 

2. Cost-efficient heating 

There are some misconceptions about the price of running underfloor heating. When accompanied with a heating controller designed for underfloor heating, it is actually a more cost-efficient system to run than traditional radiators. The system does not overheat, meaning no energy is wasted, which can lead to savings of up to 15 per cent on an average UK family’s annual heating bill. 

Pale bathroom with freestanding bath and underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is perfect for use in bathrooms and en suites, creating a warm feel underfoot that's all the more welcome on a winter's day

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3. Suitable for every project 

Underfloor heating can be installed whenever you’re renovating a room and changing the floor surface. Electric systems are the most popular when it comes to renovations as they don’t raise the floor level. Water underfloor heating systems are more cost efficient to run than electric, but you’ll need to ask your heating supplier to estimate the change of floor height that will be needed.

illustration of Warmup underfloor heating

Warmup's DCM-PRO electric underfloor heating system protects your floor tiles from cracking

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4. Maximise wall space 

Whether you’re using underfloor heating as a primary source of heating or a secondary source in a bathroom or kitchen, you’ll free up wall space by having no radiators. As the heating is concealed within the floor, you’ll be free to use your wall space for the best furniture layout, as well as hanging lots of statement artwork and accessories. 

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