The Subconscious Effect of your Interior Design

When renovating a home or building a new one, for many people the fun starts with the interior design aspect.

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When renovating a home or building a new one, for many people the fun starts with the interior design aspect. It gives you the chance to create something new that also expresses something about yourself. With so many different design trends and options on how you can do this, it may help to focus on some aspects of interior design that you would not normally think about. 

Your Interior Design Influences Your Subconscious

The fact that your choice of interior design affects your subconscious is often not thought about. However, the things you decide to design with are proven to affect your subconscious. Your emotions and perceptions can therefore be influenced positively with the right choice of colors and furniture. 

In general, colors have a huge impact on how we experience the world. Specific colors have different effects. This is used in marketing, for example, to influence how we see an ad or a brand. When applied to interior design, however, we can use it to our advantage to get the most out of it. While looking at what effects colors have, you may want to filter out the effects that can be applied to interior design. It is also advised to choose two or three colors to mix and match - such as a neutral color for walls along with a calming color for any larger items and a dramatic color for any small accessories. 

Black absorbs all light and is associated with power.

Red is warm and bright, evoking emotions and intensity and often used as a color of intimacy and excitement.

Yellow, while being known as a color of happiness and creativity, is fatiguing to the eye because of the large amount of light reflected. 

Green is a symbol of nature, has soothing qualities and a calming effect. 

Blue evokes feelings of calmness or tranquility, and has shown to lead to increased productivity when used as a wall color. 

Gray is known to relax and give a sense of serenity.

White is most often associated with cleanliness and purity. This is a good color to use along with other colors. 

When shopping for home décor, you may notice that shops like Esprit Home tend to group up items in different trend categories, mix and matching colors that work well together and create a certain feeling in the space.

Trick Your Guests into Feeling Like There Is More Space

With a few simple tricks, it is possible to add space as well as depth to any room. If you are looking to add space your best bet is to add mirrors. You can also opt for furniture that is raised on legs, as this adds a sense of both light and space. Last but not least, you may add the illusion of space by painting half of your wall one color, and midway through to the ceiling, opt for another color. This adds length to your walls, and higher ceilings always make a room look bigger. For the perception of depth, hanging up wall hangings could do the trick.  

What You Own Says A Lot About You

When getting the chance to design your interior from scratch, your opportunity to express yourself arises. Each piece of furniture, along with things hanging on the wall or accessories on your coffee table, is an expression of your personality. When trying to choose what to purchase for your room, you want to be looking at the Function, Price, and Status Symbol of the product. 

Such questions might include:

Is the sofa big enough to seat everyone that regularly uses it? 

Does the lamp light up enough of the room for what I want to be doing in it?

Is this product worth the price I am paying for it?

Does this product have a specific status symbol attached to the brand? 

When answering these questions, you will notice what others may experience when coming into your home. Someone who chooses more expensive, designer products that have less functionality and do not accommodate guests, for example, may express the need to appeal to a certain social status, caring more for status than functionality. 

This does not mean that you cannot purchase an expensive piece of furniture or decorate your house with nice things without coming across as such, it is simply a bit of an extreme example to show that what you choose to design your interiors with may leave a specific impression, and to show that you have the ability to control what effect your design choices may have.