These are the best bathroom trash cans shoppers rate for style and practicality

Even your junk can be chic

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Any homemaker worth their salt will agree — a bathroom should be no less stylish and slick than your kitchen or living room. Sure, you might be sharing with messy roomies, but there's no reason you can't set an example. Trust me, eye-catching bathroom decor in a small space really counts, and not just because of the increased clutter potential. 

As someone with years of experience living in small rentals, I place a lot of care into the small but essential items. Like bath towels, shower caddies... you get the idea. That's why I've taken a recent shine to the humble bathroom trashcan — a handy addition to any restroom and a neat excuse to flex your interior nous. 

Whether it's sanitary pads, used dental floss, empty toothpaste tubes, or *hangs head in shame* those pesky toilet roll tubes no one can be bothered to throw out, bathroom trash tends to collate if ignored. Giving it a quick and easy home until garbage day is a must. Of course, if your apartment is anything like mine — teeny, that is — you won't want anything too clunky. 

I've done the honors of searching for cute bathroom trash cans for you, so you needn't spend hours scrolling to find the perfect one. If you'll pardon the pun, this list is the untrashy guide to bathroom trashcans, based on the honest reviews of shoppers. While I've yet to test each one myself, you can rest assured, the shopper never lies. Didn't make a minimum of four stars on the rating? It ain't cutting it. Here, I show you how to trashcan, not trashcan't

The best bathroom trashcans to buy 

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Bathroom trash cans with lids

It goes without saying — some items are best kept out of sight and out of mind. We won't go into details as everyone needs their privacy, and we're far too old for toilet humor. Either way, you know the drill.

Small bathroom trashcans

When it comes to bathroom trashcans for those short on space, keeping them teeny but convenient ain't up for debate. Fortunately, these designs provide ample space without clogging up your bathroom's minimal room.

Black bathroom trash cans

Sometimes, you can't beat a classic. Indeed, the black trashcan is not only sure to chime with most bathrooms — unless, say, it's all pink — but it's also a winner at keeping its looks in working condition. Marks are obscured and wear and tear have little impact.


Should you have a trashcan in your bathroom?

Always! It's only natural that your bathroom generates garbage — be it tampons, used tissues, or even old nail varnish tubes. Having a little spot to put them while you're using your bathroom space is a must, avoiding waste buildup in your own personal sanctuary. Of course, no one wants to be ferrying back and forth between their bathroom and kitchen trashcan when they're carrying out some of our less-than-chic activities (let's not go there). It's just not that simple. Plus, as the designs featured in this list highlight, a trashcan is also another way to imbue your bathroom with a bit more of you. Have fun with it.

How often should you clean your bathroom trashcan

Short answer? As much as you can. Long answer — keep it to a minimum of once per week or risk facing a sticky and perhaps rotting buildup of grime and dirt no one needs to see. Sure, it's a trash can, but unlike a larger, heftier, and more secure design such as that in your kitchen, this shouldn't be left for too long, or it will attract unwanted nasties and make your room smell — especially if it has an open-top. So long as you use a small, specialized bin liner, you should be all set and won't need to wipe down the interior as much either.

Where to buy a bathroom trashcan

Meet the best-in-class bathroom trashcans to spruce up your bathroom, courtesy of our favorite retailers, as listed below.

How we chose these bathroom trash cans

Yes, all of these bathroom trash cans were handpicked because of their amazing star rating from shoppers. Which means that all of the trash cans featured have reviewers' seal of approval, plus they are actually worth their price tag. We've gone for a mix of style and practicality, as always.

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