Small bathroom feng shui mistakes the pros want you to avoid

Don't let small bathroom feng shui mistakes stop your chi from flowing the way it should

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If the chi isn't flowing properly, small bathroom feng shui mistakes might be to blame. Fortunately, with a few tweaks, you'll be able to restore the balance and soak up the zen vibes you're searching for. 

The ancient Chinese practice can seem rather daunting to those who are unfamiliar with its principles, but expert-backed tips break it all down with an easy-to-understand approach. We promise not to add much to your already lengthy to-do list! 

If you're ready for those calming vibes, revisit your small bathroom ideas and make sure to incorporate a few small bathroom feng shui tips in for good measure. You'll be glad you did.

Small bathroom feng shui mistakes

Size-wise, small bathrooms can be tricky, but this is especially so according to the rules of feng shui. 

"Bathrooms are generally the toughest to position when designing a floor plan," says certified feng shui consultant, Marianne Gordon. "There are no good spots for a toilet [or] bathroom per traditional feng shui knowledge. However, these beliefs date back to a time when toilets were filthy, not the kind of spa-like rooms you can see on TV in celebrity homes."

We've come a long way since then, and correcting these simple mishaps will put you on a path towards peace.

Marianne Gordon
Marianne Gordon

Marianne Gordon is a certified Feng Shui consultant and renowned educator, revolutionizing how people approach their living and working spaces. With over a decade's experience and training from institutions like the Western School of Feng Shui, Gordon empowers individuals to tap into their best selves through Feng Shui.

Gordon's notable career accomplishments include being featured in prominent publications such as Mind Body Green, Voyage LA, My Domaine, Vie Magazine, and Well+Good. Her expertise and holistic approach have garnered recognition for their transformative effects on clients' lives.

As the founder of Feng Shui with Me, Gordon empowers individuals to reach their goals through Feng Shui transformations in homes and workplaces.

1. You're hanging mirrors incorrectly

If you're trying to brighten a small bathroom, chances are you're playing with a few mirrors. While this can be a way to amplify natural light and make the room seem more spacious than it actually is, you have to be mindful about where you position the mirrors, as far as energy is concerned. 

"Avoid too many mirrors or very large mirrors in the bathroom as they will amplify money leaking out," says feng shui consultant, Priya Sher

Additionally, it's important to hang any mirrors are far away from the best seat in the house. 

"Make sure that the mirror in your bathroom does not reflect the toilet or you when you are using the toilet," says Kimberly Archambault, professional feng shui practitioner.

What you should do is place a small mirror outside the bathroom door to soak up the bad energy that could potentially enter the room.

Priya Sher
Priya Sher

As a full time professional feng shui consultant, Priya works at enhancing her clients lives by aligning their space to suit them to its full potential, using her feng shui skills. The homes in London and abroad range from small studio apartments to large luxury developments, mansions and even opulent yachts

Kimberly Archambault
Kimberly Archambault, CFSP

Using the principles of feng shui and a personalized approach, Kimberly facilitates transformative shifts that bring vitality, contentment, and balance. She founded Joy Feng Shui to help clients gain an understanding on the influence their environment can have on their lives. 

2. The bathroom is at the heart of the house

Feng shui experts warn that stationing a bathroom at the heart of the house is always a red flag. 

"[It's] the place where the energy should circulate the best. It is best left undisturbed, peaceful and definitely without a toilet nearby," Gordon says. 

However, many of us might not be in charge of blueprint layouts. Should your W.C. find its way into the discouraged spot, there are a few things to do to balance out the energy. 

"If that is the case, you can put some heavy rocks on the toilet floor in a corner and decorate in earthy and wood tones," Gordon adds. "Close the toilet at all times and place a small mirror on the outside of the toilet door. This will keep the Chi out of the toilet."

3. The bathroom is messy

Decluttering a small bathroom might not be the most exciting activity, but it's a necessary one—and not just for the obvious reasons. 

"The bathroom should be a sacred space to relax and unwind in," Sher notes. "Keep the bathroom clutter free and throw away any old and expired products as they can congest and stagnate the energy. The bathroom should be a calm space and clutter causes an imbalance in the energy leading to confusion and stress."

Fortunately, by correcting small bathroom storage mistakes—such as not using vertical space to its full capabilities—you should be one step closer to calm. 

4. The bathroom is in an akward spot

"Having a bathroom near specific areas of the homes can be depleting for your energy says Laura Morris, the co-founder of Mindful Design Feng Shui School. "For example, if you have a bathroom very close to the stove or kitchen, or more commonly, if your bathroom is uncomfortably close to your bed."

Should this be an issue, create some sort of a divide between the bathroom and the other rooms, be it a shelf or a curtain. Make sure the spaces are separated. 

Laura Morris

Laura Morris is a feng shui expert and educator. She is a teacher at and the co-founder of Mindful Design Feng Shui School

5. The drainage system isn't working

"Make sure your plumbing is working well, this includes shower, tub, and sink drains," Archambault says. 

For obvious reasons, you want this to be in tip-top shape. Additionally, you'll want the energy to move about normally, and a blockage will quite literally stop the chi in its tracks.

6. The lighting is off

You don't want any harsh lighting in a space that's meant to be calming, and you don't want to choose a paint hue that is overpowering. (The worst colors for a small bathroom should definitely be avoided, FYI.) 

"Full spectrum lights are best to replicate natural sunlight as these uplift the energy in your bathroom," Archambault adds. 

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Is leaving the toilet seat up bad feng shui?

Leaving the toilet seat up and the door open is considered bad small bathroom feng shui, according to the experts. This can potentially "flush" good energy away. 

What is the best color for a bathroom in feng shui?

The best small bathroom colors to choose if you want to follow the rules of feng shui include anything neutral that doesn't feel chaotic. The name of the game is to promote peace. 

"White is a good overall color for a bathroom because it is minimal and clean," says feng shui expert Laura Morris of Mindful Design Feng Shui School. "You can also use what we call wood element colours in feng shui such as teal or green."

How do I get positive energy in my bathroom?

In order to follow feng shui in a small bathroom, it's important to keep the environment light, airy, and clutter-free. Keep windows open as often as possible and avoid hanging too many large mirrors, particularly near the toilet. Always make sure to close the door and the toilet lid so good energy does not get flushed away. 

Psst! Small bathroom must-haves like storage carts and plastic bins are life-savers when working with a small space!

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