These living room organization hacks will seriously switch up your space

Less clutter = more room

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I’ll be honest: I spend a lot of my day vibing in the living room. Unfortunately, this means that stuff can get super messy. That being said, I know how important it is to get it organized.

This is because it’s the area we all spend a lot of time in, so we want it to be as clutter-free as poss so it’s relaxing to chill in. It’s also the area that guests see, so we want to be giving them a good impression of how we live (gotta make mom and dad proud, am I right)?

These living room organization hacks range from keeping all your clutter in check to making it easier to access items that you lose track of. I’m legit forever scrambling around for the remote, only to find it wedged between the cushions every time.

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9 living room organization hacks that I'm obsessed with

I’m all about out the box thinking, and these nine hacks are def unusual. They’re also budget and renter-friendly, so your wallet and your landlord won’t be mad.

1. Storage ottomans that double as seating 

If you live in a small space, you probs don’t have room for a ton of sofas and chairs to sit on. I love anything that’s a 2-in-1, and this hack is all about that. By choosing an ottoman that can double as a seat, you get both a beautiful storage solution and a handy seat to pull out if you have guests ‘round.

Wayfair has plenty of great storage ottomans, and over 900 Wayfair shoppers love this Mosier flip top bench that has comfy cushioning and sturdy legs. 

2. Decorative bowl for remotes

There’s nothing sexy about TV remotes. Not only that, but they have such a nasty habit of just magically disappearing. I’ve got a solution for you that will make your TV remote that bit cuter and will stop you losing it: a decorative bowl. Not only will it add to your interior, but by having an eye-catching bowl to put your remote in, you won’t lose sight of it in future.

The colors on this crystal glass bowl on Amazon are totes gorgeous, and it will make any remote look super boujee. 

3. Pegboard for hats and scarves 

When I’ve been out for a chilly walk, I always throw my hat and scarf onto the couch and immediately jump under the blanket, with no thought on how I’ll tidy afterwards. But pegboards are a handy way to store for smaller items, and this includes accessories. Put on a few pegs onto the board, so you can hook hats and scarves on easily. So much more efficient.

This DEMEDO pegboard which is Amazon’s Choice doesn’t require drilling onto the wall, which is perfect for those renting. 

4.  Foldable table for home workers

Working from home? It can be tricky to create a space that’s great to work and that doesn’t messy up the space — especially if you live in an apartment that doesn’t have an extra room. Living rooms work well as an alternate home office space, but by using a foldable table, you can then tuck away work easily once you’re done for the day. This way, you can keep your living room lookin’ cute while still utilizing your space completely.

Just because it’s gonna be stored away, doesn’t mean it can’t look aesthetic while it’s out. This Cosco vinyl topped one which is Amazon’s Choice is really smart and modern.

5. Over the door organizer for games 

I’m a li’l bit of a nerd at heart, and I’m well into my puzzles and boardgames. That being said, they have huge boxes that take up a lot of room. Well, you can create room with over the door shelving, which makes storing big items that don’t fit elsewhere so easy. Plus, you can see everything that you’ve got this way, so you can plan your next games night in style.

Into this idea? Go for a big over the door storage shelf with lots of room, like this Yecaye shelf that’s Amazon’s Choice, and can even be split into two.

6.  Shoe organizer for small items

How many times have you let your TV remote or games controller go flat, and then spent ages trying to find a battery? Ditto for when your lightbulb stops working. Shoe organizers can be used for many different things in the home, but in the living room they’re just the right size for storing chargers, batteries and bulbs.

Over 75,000 Amazon shoppers rate this SimpleHouseware shoe organizer, which has 24 pockets for putting everything in.

7.  Decorative ladder for hanging blankets

Did I mention that I love snuggling under the blanket? I have a variety of blankets for different temperatures, which do take up a lot of space. That being said, they’re too aesthetic to be shoved away in boxes. Instead, you can hang them up on a decorative ladder, to add a splash of color and texture to your space while still being functional AF.

You can get lots of different materials and sizes of ladder, but I’m all about those rustic chic vibes, which is why I’m obsessed with this tall blanket ladder from Wayfair.

8. Coffee table with hidden storage

I’m a big believer in making coffee tables one of the heroes of the living room. They have such fab potential for decorating, as you can artfully place magazines, plants and candles on them to create a stylish look. Obvi they can also be used practically for, like, putting coffee on. But if you choose a table with built-in storage, you can crank that practicality right up to 100.

Wayfair shoppers love how easy this Etha coffee table is to put together, and how spacious it is too. 

9. Wine rack for newspapers and magazines 

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend is to pick up a magazine and read it, cover to cover. There’s just nothing like a beautiful bit of print IMO. Because of this, I struggle to throw magazines away, especially as I’ll dogear ideas for the future. However, by rolling them up and slotting them into a wine rack holder, you can keep hold of them while reducing how much room they take up.

The criss cross shape of this wine rack holder, which is Amazon’s Choice, is so chic and ideal for slotting newspapers and magazines into, and can be folded down.

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