How to upcycle your kitchen cupboards with chalk paint

Give your kitchen cupboards a quick and easy update by painting with a fresh coat of chalk paint for an instant makeover. Furniture upcycler Sarah Weightman shows you how

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If your kitchen cupboards are looking dated, or you want to inject a bit of colour into your scheme, give the cupboard doors a couple of coats of chalk paint for a cheap and easy way to give the room a fresh new look. This method requires little preparation and is a quick way to update your room.

The kitchen cupboard doors are taken off the units and any door furniture removed. They are then cleaned with sugar soap before being painted with chalk paint (which requires no prior sanding or priming). A layer of clear sealer is then used to make the doors wipeable and waterproof.

In the video above, Sarah Weightman, furniture upcycler and founder of Everlong Paint, shows you how to paint the kitchen cupboards for a perfect finish.

The result is beautifully updated kitchen cupboards – all achieved on a budget!

You will need:

  • sugar soap
  • chalk paint
  • 2 inch flat brush
  • clear sealer
  • an empty tub (a butter or ice cream tub will do)
  • screwdriver
  • tissue