Organize your small front entryway in minutes with these 12 picks

Time to do something about all those shoes

A wooden boho entryway storage organizer with embroidered hoop and accessories
(Image credit: Etsy/WoodyoubuyAU)

Many feng shui experts agree that organizing your home’s front entrance is key to promoting harmony in your space. A well-organized small entryway is a welcoming hello to anyone who walks through the front door, whether it's you or your friends.

As with any busy area in your home, organization and plenty of storage are two essential elements for creating a doorway that works for your life. You may have a compact space tucked behind your doorway or a slightly larger empty foyer, regardless, these picks can help you redefine your space and welcome you inside with a sense of calm.

Kate Santos

Hello! I’m Kate Santos, a writer and photographer based in Los Angeles. In the design world, I got my start working as an Editorial Intern for Dwell magazine in San Francisco. Since then, I’ve written about design and architecture in many national magazines and online publications, including Playboy, Hunker, and The Culture Trip.

I grew up in a very old house in North Carolina and am still influenced by the rustic, charming, antique and aged elements of a home. Sustainability and longevity is extremely important to me and I believe learning to reuse materials or purchasing items you’ll love forever goes a long way. I also lean towards the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi when designing my own home, embracing the perfectly imperfect items I can find.