Get rid of ants in the bedroom fast — 5 simple steps pest control pros always take

Our pros reveal how to quickly banish ants from your bedroom

Here is a bedroom with white walls, a bed with white sheets and beige throw pillows and bed runners, a wooden nightstand and chair, and a wooden floor
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Learning how to get rid of ants in the bedroom will help you sleep soundly at night without worrying about any creepy crawlies may have invaded as you snooze.

I have asked pest control experts for their top tips to removing these pests, from identifying the root of the cause (spoiler alert: it's those midnight snacks) to removing them effectively with bait traps and natural resources.

If you're looking to get rid of ants in your home and are targeting this room specifically, I advise tackling the problem ASAP so you don't end up with long-term problems in your peaceful sanctuary.

What you need to banish ants from your bedroom

Once you've identified the pests in your home are ants, take action swiftly. You'll need a few cleaning products such as vinegar or a cleaning spray, which we've detailed in our ant removal essentials kit.

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Step 1: Stop eating in the bedroom

A wooden tray with oranges, coffee cups, a corissant, orange juice and a vase of pink flowers on it on a white bed

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This first step is bad news for anyone who enjoys a little midnight snack — but it’s got to be done if you want to rid of the ants currently marching around your bedroom.

“My first recommendation would be to stop eating in the bedroom. Instead, keep all eating to areas like the kitchen or dining room,” says Brett Bennett, pest control expert and director of operations at PURCOR Pest Solutions. 

“Even the smallest leftover crumbs, wrappers, can attract ants,” he says. 

If you sleep with anyone else in this room, make sure to stress to them the importance of doing this.

Step 2: Relocate any food sources

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Remove any food left in your bedroom. I'm afraid that means your emergency stash of midnight stash have to wing their way back the kitchen.

“Ants are attracted to food sources, so do a thorough cleaning of your bedroom to eliminate access to food crumbs and spills,” says Peter Rania, pest control expert and president of Waltham Pest Control Co.

“Get rid of any food stored in the bedroom as well, including pet food. If your pets' bowls are stored in your room, it's time to find them a new spot,” adds Brett.

It’s a good idea to keep food in airtight containers to stop any pests from getting to them, such as the OXO Good Grips POP Container from Amazon which is BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and stackable.

Step 3: Target the ants with pest control products

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When choosing pest control products, make sure to use ones suitable for indoors when learning how to get rid of ants in the bedroom.

“For home ant treatments, I don't recommend aerosol sprays since they just disperse the ants to other areas,” Peter explains.

Using gel baits (like the Combat Max Roach Killing Gel from Amazon that’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use) or borate powder, you can eliminate the colony. 

“Baits should be applied in areas away from children and pets, along walls in cracks and crevices,” he says.

Peter also advises replacing the baits every three months to control recurring invasions. Ants are more active in the summer, especially during hot or weather weather when resources become more scarce.

Step 4: Seal any cracks or holes

A warm wooden surface with an acrylic sealant tube head in the middle of it

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Now you've removed the resource tempting ants inside your home, identify exactly how the ants are getting into your bedroom.

“Seal any cracks or holes leading into the walls or floors where ants can enter,” says Peter.

If you don’t want to ruin the aesthetic of your beautiful bedroom ideas, go for a clear sealant such as the Flex Caulk All Purpose Clear Pressurized Can from Walmart which is a bestseller and won’t shrink or crack with changing temperatures.

Step 5: Clean your bedroom thoroughly

A bedroom with white walls, a bed with white sheets and beige throw pillows and bed runners, a wooden nightstand and chair, and a wooden floor

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Make sure you can sleep easily in your bedroom by cleaning your duvet, sheets, pillows, and mattress regularly. Our cleaning panel recommend cleaning your sheets weekly, mattress a couple of times a year including in the summer (unless you're a sweaty sleeper or experience stain) and pillows once every few months.

Whilst banishing ants from the bedroom, Brett recommends a clean sweep. He says, “I would wash all bedding to ensure there aren’t any ants lurking in there, as well as vacuuming the carpet with a strong vacuum,” Brett says.

For deep carpet cleans, I always recommend the Dyson Animal 3 from Amazon, which I have at home and love the suction power of.

“If you know generally the direction ants have been coming from, you can also make a diluted vinegar spray and spray your carpet to help eliminate ant scent trails leading into the room,” Brett adds.

Ant removal essentials

While these steps will help you get rid of ants in the bedroom, if the infestation is severe, you may need the help of a professional pest control expert. 

“We have access to stronger products and can treat the entire home to eliminate satellite nest,” Peter finishes by saying.

If the bedroom isn’t the only place you’re dealing with these pests, learning how to get rid of ants in the kitchen could also be good to know.

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