How to clean a toaster

Want to know how to clean a toaster? Follow our guide to get yours clean and ready to brown the next slices

How to clean a toaster: bread popped up from toaster
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Want to know how to clean a toaster? This isn’t a tough job, but it is one that needs keeping up with. Follow our guide to keep yours looking good as new on the outside and unclogged on the inside.

Before we start we should say that (some) people wonder if they can clean a toaster in the dishwasher. For the record, the answer is no, always no.

And we know you know this, but just a reminder that in your enthusiasm to get cracking with cleaning, you mustn’t forget to unplug the toaster before you start. Give it time to cool down, too. 

How to clean a toaster: clean the crumb tray

The crumb tray at the bottom of the toaster needs emptying to avoid the left-behind bits becoming a fire risk, so make sure you’re doing this frequently. The tray should slide out, and you can then tip the crumbs off. Wipe it down with a damp cloth if any of them are hanging on, then dry and replace.

Toaster without a crumb tray? Turn it upside down and shake gently to dislodge crumbs. You might want to do this even if there is a tray to remove crumbs that haven’t fallen through to it.

How to clean the inside of a toaster

If there are crumbs stuck inside the slots that haven’t fallen out when you turned the toaster over, use a new soft toothbrush or pastry brush to gently remove them. Never stick your fingers inside the toaster, nor use anything metal.

Turn the toaster over to remove them if you’ve loosened crumbs that were stuck in the slots.

How to clean the outside of a toaster

If your toaster’s a smart stainless-steel number a soft cloth will do the job. Lost its sparkle because you’ve, ahem, neglected this job for a while? You could use a stainless-steel cleaner but only on these sections. 

Toaster made from another material? A soft, damp cloth should also be your go-to for wiping down, with another to dry the outside. 

Should you clean a new toaster?

Check the manufacturer’s instructions and follow the steps recommended before first use. They may include cleaning, plus using it without bread in the slots.

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