How much do bi-folding doors cost in the UK? Experts advise on the average price

If you're researching bi-folding door costs in the UK, this guide will give you a solid grounding in the level of expense you should be budgeting for.

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If you need to know how much bi-folding doors cost at the moment, this guide is for you. Bi-folding doors are a great choice for extensions and renovations, and they work well in homes of all sizes and ages. 

But how much will bi-folding doors cost? Whichever type of door you go for as part of your project, the cost will be substantial, so it is important to understand the amount you'll need to allocate.

Plus, being in the know may even help you choose between bi-folding or sliding doors if you're still a little undecided between these popular choices.

We've asked door experts to give accurate, up-to-date cost estimates and to explain how the costs will vary depending on the material you choose. 

How much do bi-folding doors cost in the UK?

As Turrou Landesmann, trading manager at, part of, explains, 'both material and installation play a part in the cost of bi-fold doors.' This means that there is a wide range of price points. 'If you’re planning to install them yourself, you can expect to pay anything between £1,000 and £8,000 for just the material.'

If you want an average cost, you can aim for £2,400, 'though this may increase if the door materials are more premium.' 

If you're going for aluminum bifold doors, the average cost is £3,825; timber bifold doors cost on average £3,400, according to Checkatrade.

Landersmann points out that 'there are other factors that can affect the overall cost – things like the number of panels, the size of the doors, where it is being installed, the type of glass and whether the locks need upgrading. It’s important to consider everything from the offset rather than being surprised by costs later down the line.'

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You are best off always getting a quote from a bi-folding door specialist, but, as a guideline, Checkatrade provides the following figures: 

Bifold doors installation cost (6 foot): Ranging from £2,000 - £2,300, Average cost: £2,150

Bifold doors installation cost (8 foot): Ranging from £2,200 - £2,500, Average cost: £2,350

Bifold doors installation cost (10 foot): Ranging from £2,500 - £2,800, Average cost: £2,650

Cost of installing bifold patio doors: From: £900

Labour costs (Small to Large door): Ranging from £600 - £1,000, Average cost: £800 

The cost of aluminium bifold doors with 3 – 5 panels ranges from £2,300 – £5,350.

The cost of UPVC bifold doors with 3 – 5 panels ranges from £1,650 – £4,300.

Here, uPVC is the lowest-budget option, aluminium is the higher-end price point. 

Also available are composite bi-folding doors which might be aluminum with internal wood cladding, or timber with external aluminum cladding.

Are aluminium bi-fold doors better than uPVC?

You've noticed the obvious price difference and are wondering: are aluminium bi-fold doors worth the extra cost? 

Well, the answer is, overall, 'yes'. Landersmann confirms that 'generally, aluminium bi-fold doors offer more than uPVC. While both can claim a long life and are available in a wide range of colours to suit different home aesthetics, uPVC is at risk of warping and can require more maintenance.'

uPVC bi-fold doors are also slightly less durable as they're prone to discolouration. 

The other big advantage of aluminium bi-folding doors is that they offer you more in terms of bi-fold door ideas. Victoria Brocklesby, COO at Origin, says that 'the strength of aluminium allows for slimmer sightlines, as well as more complex layouts, offering more flexibility in what is possible in your home.'

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Does glazing affect the cost of bi-fold doors?

Yes. You can choose between double or triple glazing. ‘Double or triple glazing is a must when it comes to bi-fold doors as the right combination of material and glazing can help improve energy efficiency while reducing unwanted noise,’ says Dave Mechem. 

As a per panel cost, ‘you can expect to pay approximately +£190 for triple glazing’, says Ben Nurse of Hello Doors.

How much do timber bi-fold doors cost?

Timber bi-fold doors are becoming more popular – they are more sustainable and more breathable than uPVC. Also, according to Landesmann, 'with a long life-span of more than 60 years, timber can – perhaps surprisingly – be more robust than either aluminium or uPVC. Plus, there’s the added benefit of timber being timeless, blending well into both contemporary and traditional spaces.'

Expect to pay £1,500-£2,000 for a three-panel 6-foot timber bi-fold door. Natural-finish timber will cost a bit less, while pre-painted bi-fold panels will always cost more, with darker finishes generally falling on the higher end of the cost spectrum. Hardwood or softwood options are available – hardwood is always more expensive. 

Do bi-fold doors add value to a home?

If you're planning to sell your house a few years down the line, bi-fold doors are a good investment. Brocklesby told us that 'some experts have suggested that bi-folding doors can add up to 5-10 percent to the value of a property.'

'More generally, adding high-quality glazing will significantly improve kerb appeal and maximising natural light can instantly improve the feel of the interior of a home. Our own research indicates that over half of Brits are looking to move or renovate within the next 12 months due to a lack of natural light in their properties. This shows the real-life value of products like bi-fold doors.'

Landesmann agrees, adding that most buyers prefer bi-fold doors to already have been installed because 'as a project, they are a huge undertaking.' There is plenty of evidence that 'bi-fold doors have been increasing in popularity over recent years – driven even more by the pandemic and the need to spend more time in our own homes'. So, they are 'an extremely appealing feature' that home buyers will likely be willing to pay more for.

Just bear in mind that, as with any other home improvement, it only adds value to a home that's otherwise in great condition and is in the right area for the feature you hope will add value. If you live in an area where most properties have extensions and good gardens, bi-fold doors will definitely be appreciated by buyers. 

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