Adding a new porch

Transform your home's exterior with a new porch or door canopy. Michael Holmes explains the ins and outs of updating your home's entrance.

Renovation expert Michael Holmes on how to add a new porch or door canopy to your home.

Fitting a door canopy or a porch can transform your home. The simplest option is to fit a door canopy or door surround as these can be fixed to existing walls and need no structural alterations. It can be done on a DIY basis by two people, takes around half a day and costs £400-£600.

You can buy canopy kits from, starting from £250. Timber porch kits need felt, a batten, roof tiles and lead flashing, which will add £200-£300 to the cost. Lightweight glass fibre (GRP) canopies and surrounds are cast and decorated as a finished product. The lead Regency-style canopies and painted timberwork look convincing, but it is harder to recreate slate or clay tiles in GRP. Prices start from £400 from

Preparation and fitting

The wall around the doorway must be cleared of climbing plants or debris and needs to be stable.

GRP canopies have flanges ready for fixing, which are drilled at roughly 300mm centres. Brackets are fixed to the walls using 100mm frame fixings, drilled and plugged. The canopy is fitted over the brackets and secured to the wall through holes in the flanges. Lead flashing is then cut into the walls and dressed down over the flanges, or the canopy is sealed around the edges.

Rules and guidelines

The work doesn’t need planning permission providing it is permitted development (find out more about Permitted Development Rights at If there are no structural alterations, it doesn’t require Building Regulations approval.

In the gallery: Apex porch canopy with a balustrade; £201 for the canopy and £131 for the balustrade, both Richard Burbidge.

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