Where to buy yeast: get your hands on this bread-making essential online

Wondering where to buy yeast? These are the best online stores for buying this baking essential

where to buy yeast
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Want to know where to buy yeast? It seems that the rest of the country do, too. The fact is that yeast is required for making most types of bread, and those of us bread baking at home need to be able to order it from somewhere. 

Of course, supermarkets do stock dried yeast, but we can't say for certain what supplies are like at the moment for this item particularly given the sudden surge in demand. But, what we can do is tell you where this essential ingredient is available online. And that's exactly what we've done below.

Once you've got your hands on some yeast, visit our guide to find out how to make bread. Then, find more food tips and recipes over on our hub page. 

Where to buy yeast online

Doves Farm Quick Yeast | £1.99 at British Corner Shop
Pick up dried yeast from your local (digital) corner shop and expect a short delivery time. Perfect for baking and use in a bread machine, this dried yeast provides quality results every time.

Allinson Dried Active Baking Yeast | £2.49 at British Corner Shop
Perfect for those who find single-use packets of dried yeast frustrating, this dried yeast comes in a small contained that allows you to measure out your own quantities.View Deal

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