7 Amazon finds guaranteed to make cleaning way more fun

Who says cleaning supplies aren't exciting? These Amazon finds for are fun, useful, and under $20

Amazon Finds
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Sometimes the beauty of cleaning is all in the appliances and gadgets you use. Small, affordable, fun cleaning supplies can make cleaning manageable and enjoyable, especially if you have a long list of chores on your to-do list. 

Here, we're rounding up seven Amazon finds for the home that are cute and miniature, fun and efficient, and all under $20. With varying degrees of lockdown still in place in many states, why not have a little fun while you clean. 

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Full Circle Tiny Team Mini Brush and Dustpan Set, Green  | $10.69 at Amazon

A stylish dustpan is not an oxymoron, as this sleek version proves. Plus, it's eco-friendly. Made from bamboo and recycled plastic, this set is perfect for cleaning up small areas and can gather large dust and trash in one stroke. View Deal

URATOT 1 Piece Pink Spray Bottle | $9.99 at Amazon

This attractive spray bottle doubles as a cleaning solution container and watering plants. In efforts to follow the CDC's recommendation to sanitize all common areas, this spray bottle is the perfect tool on hand (just mix up a bleach solution for an easy disinfectant.)View Deal

Fred FLIPSIDE Dishwasher Sign, Neon | $18.94 at Amazon

One of the worst kitchen experiences is selecting a bowl or plate from the dishwasher for use and finding out it is dirty. With this fun and creative sign, everyone in the house will be aware when the load is clean or dirty. View Deal

Microfiber Slippers Floor Cleaning Mop Men and Women House Dusting Slippers Floor Dust Dirt Cleaning Slipper) | $13.39 at Amazon

Fluffy slippers that also clean your floors when you walk? Why didn't we think of that? These slippers have microfiber bottoms that pick up dust and dirt as you move about the house. View Deal

Clean Dreams Kitchen Sponge Holder | $14.20 at Amazon

Whether the sink is full of dishes or clean, the sink is not a place to house your sponge. This bed is. Simply place sponge in it's bed after use to keep all areas of the sink clean and organized. View Deal

Full Circle Bubble Up Ceramic Soap Dispenser & Bamboo Dish Brush, White/Gray| $10.39 at Amazon

Amazon users rave over the dish soap they save monthly thanks to this soap dispenser and bamboo dish brush set. "All you need is a tiny bit of soap and some water in the dish and you get so many suds in your brush," one user said. View Deal

GM Royal Ostrich Feather Duster (Mini Duster MG04 (14"), Black)|$9.96 at Amazon

Feel like a fancy French maid with this fluffy feather duster. Its soft and flexible bristles easily collect dust without chemical solutions. Use it on hard to reach places or fragile items and watch the item come back to life. View Deal

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