The best grow lights for indoor plants under $30 on Amazon — customer favorites to help your greenery this winter

The best grow lights for indoor plants can get pricey, but these wallet-friendly choices are top-rated by buyers

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The best grow lights for indoor plants will ensure your green babies are thriving, even when skies are grey and temperatures are plummeting outside. 

It can feel challenging tending to leafy friends during an off-season and when your small space isn't exactly catered to germination. (Um, natural light? You there?) That's where grow lights step in to fill the void. 

If you're attempting to keep your collection of indoor plants in tip-top shape this winter and beyond, we found some budget-friendly selections on Amazon that will step in when the sun is out of office. 

The best grow lights for indoor plants

Paris Lalicata, a community associate and plant education director at The Sill, notes that with the proper tools, anything is possible. Gardening in an apartment is definitely a reality, largely thanks to these artificial substitutions for sunshine. 

"When using grow lights you want to ensure you have them placed at the proper distance from your plants, depending on the intensity of the bulb," Paris notes. "This helps to ensure the grow light isn't too far away inhibiting growth, or too close which can cause chlorosis. Generally, you can keep grow lights on from anywhere between eight to16 hours depending on your plants' needs."

These little lifesavers can get pricey. If you're interested in a splurge, Paris recommends investing in Soltech products, but if you want something more accessible, we scoured Amazon reviews for a few fan-favorite, wallet-friendly selections. 

And if you're in need of a leafy addition to go with the light, the best plants for an indoor garden will do nicely — and the best self-watering planters, all under $20, will help them out when you're feeling a little frazzled by the watering schedule.

Paris Lalicata
Paris Lalicata

Paris is a community associate and plant education director at The Sill, which was founded on the notion that plants make us happier, healthier humans. The self-taught expert has over 200 plants in her own collection, so she's the perfect go-to for those who need assistance with their plants. 

What to shop

Reviews, ratings, purchases, and price tags were all considered when gathering this list of grow lights. We found several selections that will help any type of plant parent. 

Now that you have the (faux) sunshine situation squared away, it's time to concern yourself with aesthetics. We can help! There are plenty of adorable plant pots that make a statement and keep your greens secure.

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