Morrisons shopper? You can now make your order via Amazon

The retailer link means Prime members can do a full food shop on Amazon with free same-day delivery

Morrisons on Amazon
(Image credit: Morrisons)

Do your shopping at Morrisons? For the first time, you’ll be able to place your entire order via with a further link-up between the two retailers announced. Morrisons on Amazon has launched in Leeds, but will be expanded to Amazon Prime members across the county in the coming weeks, Morrisons says.

Right now, customers in Leeds can visit the Morrisons on Amazon store via Amazon's website or the Amazon app and get free same-day delivery on orders over £40 as part of their Prime membership. The items will be at the same prices as those from Morrisons’ stores.

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Morrisons isn’t new to Amazon. The two companies have been working together since 2016 when Morrisons began wholesaling food to Amazon. A same-day delivery service on the Prime app for subscribers followed. With the new Morrisons on Amazon store, the full Morrisons’ range will be available rather than a limited number of groceries.

Morrisons says the new service will make Morrisons more accessible to Amazon customers, bringing them products such as the Morrisons The Best range, the Market Street selection with freshly baked bread, and hand-finished cream cakes from its cake shops. Handmade products from Morrisons’ butchers and fishmongers, and a selection of fruit and vegetables by quantity will also be on offer. 

All told, the new store will offer thousands of grocery products including meat, seafood, dairy and baked goods, plus fruit and vegetables.

The same-day delivery service features two-hour time slots. Orders that don’t reach the £40 threshold for free delivery will cost £3.99. Unlike deliveries from the Morrisons website, which come from a warehouse, the orders will be picked by Morrisons staff at local stores and delivered to customers by Amazon Flex Delivery Partners.

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