Martin Lewis explains how to halve your broadband cost and double your speed this Black Friday

The sales aren’t just good for furniture and tech – you can cut your bills, too

Martin Lewis broadband advice
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Sick of paying too much for slow Wi-Fi? Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has some great news if you’re out of contact right now.

Speaking on The Martin Lewis Money Show tonight, he explained why now’s the time to act.

‘If you’re one of the nine million people out of contract with broadband right now, many of you will be able to halve your costs and double your speed, taking advantage of some of the Black Friday broadband deals that are on right now.

‘Nine million of you are out of contract. Typically, someone with fibre broadband and line rental is paying £30-£55 a month. It’s slightly less if you are on standard broadband.

‘So what’s that? Between £360 and £600+ a year. Work out what you’re paying each month, multiply it by 12 and that’s your real annual bill and it’s a big ‘un.’

All the deals Martin gives are broadband and line rental combined. But if you only want broadband, Martin doesn’t advise getting a broadband only package.

‘The cheapest broadband only deal costs more, so get broadband and line combined and don’t plug in the home phone.’ That said, if you’ve ever had a power cut, you’ll know it’s actually a good idea to have a home phone to hand!

‘Before we start talking about switching to a different provider, it may be worth haggling with your existing provider. All the big firms will tell you the cheapest offer available at renewal. The key is, it doesn’t tell you the promotions that are available for new customers. 

‘But generally, if you’re out of contract, use the new deals from other providers as a benchmark to go to your existing provider and say “will you match it”. If they say no, get put through to disconnections, and that’s where they have the real power to haggle with you and offer you more.’

With that advice in mind, here are Martin’s best offers right now… Note that none of these deals are direct, only via various cashback websites. They’re of course – all listed at the Money Saving Expert website (opens in new tab).

Martin’s top fibre broadband packages

Shell Energy deals – ends Sunday
Speed: 35Mb Cost: £24/mth Promo:Get £108 bill credit Equiv cost over contract: £15 per mth over 1 yr 

Speed: 63Mb Cost: £724/mth Promo:Get £114 bill credit Equiv cost over contract: £17.50 per mth over 1 yr

Vodafone – ends Mon
Speed: 63Mb Cost: £21.50/mth Promo:Get £100 bill credit Equiv cost over contract: £18.40 per mth over 2 yrs

Virgin – ends Mon
Speed: 108Mb (only 50% UK) Cost: £24/mth Promo:Get £100 bill credit Equiv cost over contract: £18.40 per mth over 18 months (may need engineer)

BT – ends 3 Dec
Speed: 50Mb Cost: £26.99/mth Promo: Three months free, £30 Amazon & £60 Mastercard Equiv cost over contract: £19.90 per mth over 2 yrs

Find them all on Money Saving Expert (opens in new tab)

Martin Lewis' extra Wi-Fi and broadband tips

1. Ask for a speed check before you buy

At least 50% of people now need to get the advertised speed over peak times for them to be able to list it. Most providers will be able to estimate your speed before sign up so you know what you’re going to get.

2. Complain

If you’re having bad service, complain as you might be entitled to automatic compensation.

3. Do some checks

If you’ve got a dodgy signal, get a computer you can plug into your router (with an ethernet cable) and do a speed test. If it’s fast when you were plugged in, but not on your Wi-Fi, it’s probably not the signal that’s coming into your house that’s the problem, it’s the Wi-Fi that’s the problem. 

4. Move your router

Ensure the Wi-Fi box is in a good place. Put it high up, don't put it in a cupboard or a drawer and don't have obstacles or ornaments near it which could block the signal and slow everything down.

3 top Black Friday broadband packages as chosen by us...

By monthly price: low to high

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Vodafone Superfast 2 | 24 months | 63Mbps | £21.50 per month | FREE £50 Amazon voucher (opens in new tab)
For only £21.50 per month, you'll get average download speeds of 63Mbps, unlimited broadband usage and a Vodafone Wi-Fi hub. Oh, and a free £50 voucher to spend at Amazon. Already in a Vodafone pay monthly mobile contract? You'll pay just £21.50/month for this package. Bargain. Total first year cost: £258.

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TalkTalk Fibre 65 | 24 months | 67Mb | £23 per month | £0 upfront | FREE £90 voucher (opens in new tab)
This TalkTalk package averages at 67 megabits per second for just £23 per month, and it's £0 upfront. It also comes with a free, £90 voucher and also includes a pay as you go phone line – great for small families. Total first year cost: £276.

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M100 Fibre Broadband only | 18 months | 108Mb | £24.99 per month | £0 upfront | FREE £75 voucher (opens in new tab)
This broadband deal is ideal for busy households with five to nine devices inside. It comes with fast broadband and a £75 Amazon voucher, all at a very cheap monthly price. It also has a £0 upfront fee. No phone line is included. Total first year cost: £299.88.

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